Treating Gallstones without Surgery

How to Treat Gallstones without Operation

Gallstones in StoolAre you troubled with a severe pain in the right upper abdomen soon after your dinner or lunch.  The pain does not seem to subside quickly either – it continues for 3-4 hours and the frequency of occurrence has also increased such that you are wary about having a proper meal at all.  Apart from this, there is a feeling of nausea and vomiting which makes it worse.  You definitely need to see the doctor, you feel; this is not something you can handle by yourself.  Yes, you do indeed need to go to the doctor and get the diagnosis done – it is in all probability due to gallstones and a few simple blood tests and ultrasound will confirm this.

But if the doctor advises surgery for removal of the gall bladder,  think well before you take that step.  You need to explore other avenues of treatment – the gallbladder is not an organ you can dispose of without realizing its side-effects later on.Moreover, there are many other ways in which you can treat gallstones without surgery,  Natural Therapy being one of the most popular of them; the results obtained from this method of treatment are astounding to say the least – and the methods so simple and natural, you will not feel you are under treatment at all.

The gallbladder performs the function of concentrating the bile which the liver secretes into it, prior to releasing it to the small intestine for digestion of fatty foods.  The bile pours into it through narrow canals or ducts and in turn, it moves out of the gallbladder to the small intestine through another set of ducts.  Sometimes the remaining bile solidifies forming gallstones of varying sizes:

When the slightly larger ones move out of the gallbladder into the ducts, they block these ducts and the result is the pain you feel on account of the sudden build-up of the bile whose flow gets obstructed.  Swelling of the ducts, and inflammation of the gallbladder follow, and make for a life-threatening situation which calls for prompt medical action.  The best step you can take in such cases, is to immediately go for Natural Therapy to relieve the pain and flush out the gallstones by Natural means, without any ill-effects whatsoever.

Natural Treatment

Natural Therapy has some very effective methods by which you can rid yourself of gallstones within 3 days:  Follow the method below and check out for yourself:

Drink 4 glasses of apple juice per day for 2 days.  At the end of the second day, drink a mixture of equal portions of lemon juice with dark olive oil. A cupful will do.  On the third day you will feel the gallstones passing out of your system.

Now it is necessary to maintain this painfree state further on:  For this, you will have to give up all junk foods, reduce fats and carbohydrates in your diet, eat lotsof fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, citrus fruits, pears, grapefruit, cherries, horseradish and yams.  Drink a lot of water daily to keep your system flushed and drained.  Do some exercise also daily.

The above process would convince you that you can treat gallstones at home naturally, without the need for any surgery.  If however, you still need more information, you can get it from a Professional Natural Therapist.