Treating Gallstones without Surgery

Treating Gallstones without Surgery

The severe pain which you have been suffering in your abdomen on the upper right side soon after a meal,  and the subsequent spreading of this pain to the area between the shoulder blades, particularly the right shoulder, and the frequent feeling of vomiting and nausea have all been put down to gallstones by your doctor and the investigations carried out have confirmed this suspicion.  You are one of several persons who are suffering the ill-effects of this condition which affects a good percentage of the population globally, especially women. It is so common, that doctors find it easy to routinely prescribe surgery for removal of the gallbladder as the best way to get rid of the gallstones.  But such a surgery brings its own set of side effects, the worst of them being bowel cancer and high cholesterol. It is in your own interest therefore, to study the pros and cons of such a treatment and explore other avenues before taking a decision.  While doing so, a good alternative form of treatment well worth considering is Natural Therapy – it is totally safe and devoid of side effects, using only natural methods and substances as a remedy.


Gallstones occur in the gallbladder by the hardening of the bile which comes in from the liver for onward release to the small intestine for lipid digestion.  The function of the gallbladder is to remove the water from the bile, thus concentrating it and preparing to send it out into the bile duct through which it will reach the small intestine.  Some of the concentrated bile which is in excess of the required quantity, forms gallstones of different sizes.  The smaller ones are comparatively harmless even when they move into the duct, but the larger ones cause blockages in these narrow passages, resulting in swelling, inflammation and pain. Do not worry, however.  Natural Therapy has various suggestions to offer you in the natural treatment of gallstones and all you need is the determination to go by these, and you can treat your gallstones at home, without any surgery.


Ensure that you stay away from junk foods of all kinds.  Also, eat less carbohydrates and fats.  Try to get as much exercise as you can, and drink lots of water and citrus juices.


You can also do the following 2-3 day procedure with excellent results:

For 2 days drink lots of apple juice throughout the day.  On the second night, have a cupful of darkolive oil mixed with lemon juice – equal volumes. On the third day, all your gallstones will pass out naturally without surgery.


Once you have got rid of the gallstones, maintain this happy state by eating apples, pears, grapefruit, citrus fruits and horse-radishes, so that the stones do not get a chance to form again.


Are you convinced that you can treat gallstones without surgery?  For more information on this great line of treatment, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.