Treating Gall stones Naturally

Treating Gallstones Naturally

The pain in your abdomen is severe – especially in the upper right part – it has been affecting your day-to-day activities for the last few days:  it does not confine itself to the abdomen either – even your right shoulder blade and the area between shoulder blades gets affected.  Not only that, you have to contend with a nauseous feeling soon after meals – and it is becoming a habit.  Your stools are claylike in appearance and texture. It is better you have your problem diagnosed correctly – it most probably pertains to gallstones.  Your doctor will recommend a surgery for gallbladder removal, because that is where gallstones form.  But if truth be told, it is really not necessary to remove that organ.  The gallstones can be treated naturally, at home, in such a way that you can have your gallbladder intact. Natural Threapy has several methods – all natural – by which the condition can be corrected without surgery or medication. Removal of the gallbladder can have serious consequences such as bowel cancer at a later stage in life.


What causes the severe pain induced by gallstones?  You are perhaps aware that the liver produces bile which is sent to the gallbladder for concentration and storage, and finally, release to the small intestine in quantities as required by the latter for digestion of lipids. The bile moves between the liver and the small intestine through narrow ducts.  The concentrated bile, if remaining in the gallbladder in excess of what is required in the small intestine, solidifies into gallstones. The composition is mainly cholesterol, bilirubin and calcium salts.  Some of these gallstones are quite large, i.e., large enough to move into the narrow ducts and block them, and when this happens, the flow of bile is obstructed,  the fatty food in the smallintestine consequently remains undigested, the bile piles up in the narrow ducts, causing swelling, inflammation and – pain. What is required here is that the gallstones should be dislodged from the ducts and this is very subtlely done by Natural Therapy, with none of the tensions associated with a surgery, without any of the side-effects which the latter brings about, and at a fraction of the cost.


Some simple but important advice from Natural Therapy in connection with gallstone management is as under:


Junk food is a total no-no:  Abstain from it totally:   Eat carbohydrates in moderation, so also fats.  Drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise.


Next, do the following 3-day process for elimination of gallstones quickly:


For 2 days at a stretch, drink 4 glasses of apple juice per day:  On the second night, take equal quantities of extravirgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice – 1 cupful in total – and drink it before going to bed.   The third day is the day when all the gallstones will be cleared out of your system.


What easier processes can you have under any other form of treatment?  Natural Therapy is indeed the best when it comes to gallstone removal.

For more information on this great form of treatment, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.