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Non-Surgical Removal of Gallstones

Removal of Gallstones without Surgery

Has your doctor told you that surgery is the inevitable route to clearing your system of gallstones? Your USG report and your blood test reports all confirm the presence of gallstones.  In fact your doctor had told you as much even before the tests, when you went to him complaining of tenderness and pain in the upper right abdomen, which invariably affected your right shoulder blade as well.  Added to that were the frequent bouts of nausea and vomiting, all pointing to gallstones.

Do not worry,  but think twice before undergoing a surgery for this ailment – it is not called for: For one thing, your entire gallbladder will be surgically removed,  not only the gallstones – and what is more, this particular surgery is known to be linked at a later stage to high BP and bowel cancer. And if you have heard of Natural Therapy, you would never opt for surgery.  This form of treatment can remove gallstones non-surgically,  using only natural substances which are potent enough to shrink and pass the gallstones out of your system, keeping the gallbladder absolutely intact for carrying on its designated function within the body.

How did your gallstones form in the first place?  If you are obese or you have a lot of fatty foodstuffs, or if you are of the fairer sex, your tendency towards gallstones is enhanced.  Gallstones generally form when the excess bile in the gallbladder solidifies.You may be aware that the gallbladder collects the bile which comes from the liver and pumps it out to the small intestine for digestion of fatty foods. Sometimes, the gallstones also move out with the bile on the way to the intestine, through narrow ducts. If the gallstone is large enough, it will block the passage of the bile, which having nowhere to flow,  will pile up in the ducts and gallbladder causing inflammation and swelling and consequent pain.   Natural Therapy can handle this situation as no other, and bring back normalcy to your system after flushing out the gallstones non-surgically.

A few general tips from Natural Therapy before going into concrete processes:

You first need to stop having any junk foods.  Reduce the amount o carbohydrates and fats which you eat. Drink plenty of water and get sufficient exercise on a daily basis. Eat apples, horseradish, cherries and grapefruit.

Next,there is  a herb called Quebra Pedra  which can be used in the form of a tea to get relief from gallstones. Take two teaspoons of this herb in 500ml of water in the course of a  day.

You can also drink apple juice in good quantity for 2 days, and on the second night, have a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice(1 cup).  The stones will pass out naturally on the third day.

If you still need tips on handling your gallstones non-surgically, you can get in touch with a professional Natural Therapist.