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Gallstone Surgery Options – Which is the Best Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Gallstone Surgery

Gallstones are crystal like particles that are formed in the gallbladder because of excess cholesterol or bilirubin. Surgery is one of the ways in which you can get rid of gallstones.

Gallstone Surgeries are of three types. Laproscopic surgery, Open surgery and Blocked bile duct surgery are the three types. Open surgery is an outdated surgery now and is done only to the patients who have an infection in the gallbladder or tissue scar because of previous abdominal surgeries or laproscopic surgery is not suitable. Blocked bile duct surgery involves the passage of endoscope into the body as in the diagnosis of gallstones. Let us get into the details of Laproscopic surgery here.

Laproscopic Surgery:

This surgery is also known as Minimal Invasive surgery as it involves tiny incisions. It is less expensive than open cholecystectomy over the long term. The immediate treatment cost of laparoscopy is higher than the open procedure, but the faster recovery and fewer complications results in shorter hospital stays and fewer sick days, and hence a greater reduction in overall costs.

Cost of  Gallstone removal Laproscopic Surgery

The treatment cost may vary from 9000 to 14000 dollars.

The procedural steps of this surgery is given below.


  • A general anesthetic is used for this surgery. The surgeon inflates the abdominal cavity by carbon di oxide to create working space.The surgeon makes several tiny incisions in the abdomen. These incisions are used to send instruments to perform the surgery These holes are usually 5 to 10 mm size.
  • A laproscope is sent through one incision. This laproscope is a pencil-thin device which has a miniature video camera, power light, and channels for inserting mini-surgical instruments. The camera illuminates the surgical field and sends a magnified image to a television monitor, through which the surgeon can view the  internal organs and tissues very clearly.
  • The surgeon watches the monitor image to identify the location of the gallbladder, separates it from the liver, ducts, and other nearby structures. Then a mini-scissors, clamps, and other tools are used to detach the gallbladder from the liver and its other links. The gallbladder is removed from the body through one of the incisions. He manipulates the surgical instruments through the operating ports.
  • A pain medicine is given to the patients after awakening from the anesthetic. Pain involved in this surgery is not so severe. Patients usually need to stay in the hospital only for one night. They can  eat a normal diet from the very next day. Most of the patients can get back to their normal daily activities within 3 to 5 days after surgery.

This surgery requires meticulous skills but in normal cases can be finished in an hour. This has replaced the traditional open surgery as the open surgery may cause infections later. Only if any complications rise during the process of laprocopy it is converted to open surgery. This procedure has been advanced recently by performing with just one incision. This new technique is called Laparendoscopic single site surgery ( LESS).


  • This surgery helps the patient to recover soon and resume his daily activities.
  • There are few complications like infections and adhesions.
  • It does not require the abdominal muscles to be cut and hence there is less pain.
  • Flexible surgical instruments are being used and more advanced surgeries use SPIDER surgical system which uses only one incision and the scar is almost invisible and the recovery is faster.



  • A serious problem may be an injury to the bile duct which may leak bile and cause pain and dangerous infection. A minor injury can be treated non-surgically but a major injury needs a corrective surgery by an experienced biliary surgeon.
  • Abdominal peritoneal adhesions, Gangrenous gallbladders some other problems that obscure vision are seen in some cases making the surgeons opt for the traditional open surgery for the removal of gallbladder.

Want to Avoid Surgery ?

IF you want to avoid surgery & its side effects you may opt for gallstone removal methods without surgery ,so that only you gallstones will be removed & you could save your gallbladder.