Stones in Gallbladder Home Treatment

Stones in Gallbladder  Natural Treatment

It is normal for a doctor to recommend surgical removal of the gallbladder whenever he diagnoses gallstones, saying that it is the only known method for removal of these stones.  Having not gone into details about your ailment, you tend to take the doctor’s word for granted,  more so because the severe pain you feel almost daily in your upper right abdomen and right shoulder blade, is becoming more and more unbearable. Also, the nauseous feeling soon after a meal is something you cannot tolerate any longer. You want to get rid of the stones as fast as possible – but at the back of your mind there is a  doubt – is there really no drug which will dissolve the gallstones rather than going for surgery?  Hold on – you are somewhat on the right path but not completely – you have something better than a drug for dissolving gallstones – Yes – there is Natural Therapy which will help you get rid of your gallstones without surgery or drugs and you need fear no side-effects or high expenses either.


The liver prepares an enzyme called bile, consisting of cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts and water. This is sent to the gallbladder for concentrating and storing till required by the small intestine for digestion of lipids.  At such a time, the gallbladder releases concentrated bile into the bile duct which transports the bile to the small intestine. Sometimes, there is excess concentrated bile in the gallbladder which solidifies into gallstones.  Now these gallstones travel along with the bile, out of the gallbladder and into the narrow ducts, causing blockages, swelling of the ducts, inflammation of the gallbladder and severe pain in the upper right abdomen and right shoulder.  You need to do something about it and the best thing you can do is go for Natural Therapy – it is quick-acting, effective and simple, and best of all, costs little or nothing and can be done at home.


Here are the basics w.r.t. Natural gallstone remedy:

You would first need to totally abstain from all junk foods.  Eat less fats and carbohydrates including sugars.  Drink 8-10 glasses or more of water a day.  Get plenty of exercise – movement helps in a way to move the stones in the duct.


Eat lots of apples, cherries, grapefruit, citrus fruits and horseradish.

All of these are good remedies for gallstones.


For quick relief from gallstones, do the following 3-day procedure:

For 2 days, drink lots of apple juice( by lots we mean 4 glasses a day).  On the night of the second day, drink a cup of a mixture of dark olive oil with equal quantity of lemon juice.  The gallstones will be cleared out of your system on the third day and you will be pain-free.


You must surely be convinced of the efficacy of natural Remedies with the above methods.  In fact, olive oil can be used in different ways to remove the gallstones from your body.  To know more about these remedies, you would need to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.