Shrinking Gallstones Naturally

Natural Ways to Shrink Gallstones

GallstonesGallstones can indeed be a source of great concern – Most of your waking moments are spent wondering how to manage the severe pain that you feel in your upper right abdomen after almost every meal, not to speak of the nausea and vomiting sensation that comes with it.  The pain is not even temporary – it lasts for 3-4 hours each time, and you would give anything to get rid of it and the gallstones which cause it, as quickly as possible.  But you are not so sure if the doctor’s advice is 100% correct – i.e., that surgery is the only solution.

And you are right – surgery in this case is risky, in the sense that it can lead to high BP or even bowel cancer –  there are plenty of other alternatives – simpler, safer and more effective ones – and you only have to trust your intuition which tells you that you need something other than surgery to get rid of or shrink your gallstones.    Natural Therapy is one such alternative, using as it does, only natural substances and methods to shrink and clear the gallstones out of your system most harmlessly.

You are perhaps aware that the bile from the liver is sent to the gallbladder through ducts for storage and for sending to the duodenum as required by the latter for digestion of fats received into it.  At times, there is excess bile remaining in the gallbladder and this solidifies into gallstones.  The composition of gallstones is mostly cholesterol, bilirubin, and calcium salts. They vary in size from small grains to large pebbles.

The smaller ones are almost harmless;it is the slightly larger ones which when they move into the ducts with the bile, get stuck in the ducts because of their size, and obstruct the flow of bile, causing severe pain, swelling and inflammation.  The situation can become serious if not handled deftly and fast.  Gallbladder surgery is not the solution – it is in fact not a solution at all – what you need to do is to shrink the gallstones or flush them out of the system, and in this, you can be greatly assisted by the guidelines available under Natural Therapy – this form of treatment tells you exactly how to deal with gallstones and precautions you should take for their non-recurrence.

First, concentrate on reducing the fats in your food on a daily basis.  Abstain from all fried foods totally, eat less carbohydrates, more proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  In this you should include horseradishes, apples, pears, grapefruit, coffee, cherries and citrus fruits.

There is a quick method for shrinking gallstones, which goes thus:

Drink 4 glasses of apple juice daily  for 2 days.  On the second night, drink fresh lemon juice mixed with olive oil – 1 cup and retire for the night. You will find your gallstones have shrunk and flushed out of your system on the third day.

Make it a point to take care that the gallstones do not recur, by following the tips given here earlier.  In addition, see that you get plenty of exercise and movement, very necessary to keep your system in good order.

Drink plenty of water so that any stones which form again can be immediately flushed out.

If you still need more assistance in the matter, you are advised to meet a Professional Natural Therapist.