Removing Gallstones without Removing the Gallbladder

Get Rid of  Gallstones without Removing the Gallbladder

Your doctor has advised you to get ready for a surgery for removing your gallbladder.He told you that the acute pain which you were suffering in your upper right abdomen and right shoulder blade with accompanying bouts of nausea and vomiting, were all on account of gallstones, and the investigation reports also confirmed this diagnosis.  This was most unexpected – you never imagined that you would have to undergo a surgery to relieve the pain you were experiencing.  Moreover, does not the gallbladder have a role to play in your digestive system?Will not removing it hamper one or other process which takes place within your body?   You are absolutely right in pondering on these points.  Removal of the gallbladder can lead to bowel cancer and high cholesterol at a later date, and you certainly do not want to suffer those.  Nor do you want to undergo the tension of having a surgery done right now – but that is, provided there is an alternative.You have good news – a great alternative exists in the form of Natural Therapy, which can remove your gallstones without removing the gallbladder – the best part of this treatment is that it uses only natural substances in its prescriptions.


Are you aware about how gallstones form? When there is excess bile in the gallbladder, it tends to solidify into gallstones. The function of the gallbladder is to remove the water content of the bile which reaches it from the liver and then to send this concentrated bile to the small intestine as and when required for digestion of lipids.  If any concentrated bile remains in the gallbladder, gallstones tend to form, and what is more, they tend to also move out into the narrow ducts connected to the gallbladder through which the bile flows. If the stones are slightly large, they can block the passage of the bile in the ducts, and that is when you experience pain, mainly on account of the swelling of the ducts and the consequent inflammation.  But all this can be a thing of the past, if you go for treatment with Natural Therapy, a simple and inexpensive form of remedy where you will be using only natural substances, and not even feel you are under treatment and yet heal yourself in a short time.


Some general do’s and don’ts for a person with gallstones, are as follows:

Drink plenty of water, and get lots of exercise daily.  Discard all junk foods, do not take too many fats and carbohydrates (obesity is a predisposing factor), eat more apples, pears grapefruit, cherries and horseradishes.  Drink tea made of the herb Quebra Pedra – 1 tbsp in 500 ml only with water, no milk should be added. (This can be done daily for 1 month or till the gallstones disappear)


If you want a quicker method of removal of gallstones, here it is:

For 2 consecutive days, drink about four glasses of apple juice a day.  On the second night, take a cupful of a mixture of dark olive oil with lemon juice. On the third day, the stones will pass out of your system automatically.


It pays to go with Natural Therapy – you can heal yourself in the most simple yet effective way – this applies to most ailments.  If you want to know more about this method of treatment, do meet up with a Professional Natural Therapist.