Removing Gallstones in Bile duct

Removal of Gallstones in Bile duct

Your Investigation reports indicate that you have gallstones, and that these are in your bile duct.  You wonder how they formed in the first place, and how they further ended up in the bile duct.   They are causing you sufficient pain to keep all your attention fixed on them.  Apart from the pain, which normally occurs in your upper right abdomen, you also have pain in the right shoulder blade and sometimes between shoulder blades and occasionally you feel nauseous. The pain generally comes after a meal, particularly after dinner and lasts for 3-4 hours which means a good part of the night is spent holding your abdomen and writhing in pain.  The doctor suggested surgery but you are skeptical of this procedure.  And you are right – it can have severe side effects which you may not be able to control later on – one such side effect is bowel cancer and another is high cholesterol.  So instead, you can go for a non-invasive form of treatment, namely Natural Therapy:  This is a very subtle form of treatment, wherein you will be using only natural methods and substances, to remove the gallstones from your bile duct.


Let us understand how gallstones are formed and how they happen to reach the bile duct.  One of the functions of the liver is to produce bile (consisting of cholesterol, bilirubin and calcium salts and water), which it transfers to the gallbladder through narrow ducts.  The gallbladder removes the water from the bile and stores it, for releasing to the small intestine as required. Sometimes, excess bile may remain in the gallbladder after release, and this excess bile solidifies into gallstones.  These may vary in size, and may move into the bile duct which carries the bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine.  Thus it is that the stones are found in the bile duct.  Here, they can obstruct the free movement of the bile, causing a buildup, swelling and inflammation of the ducts and gallbladder and all this causes you the pain which you experience after your dinner. Surgery seeks to remove your gallbladder in order to remove the gallstones – however, lack of a gallbladder may result, as earlier mentioned, in bowel cancer and high cholesterol.  On the other hand, you can keep your gallbladder intact and free of gallstones with the simple yet effective measures prescribed by Natural Therapy.


Olive Oil is a good remedy for gallstones whether they are in the gallbladder or bile duct.  What you need to do is for 2 continuous days, have plenty of apple juice and on the second night, have a cup of dark olive oil mixed with fresh lemon juice.  The gallstones will be removed automatically on the third day without any trouble at all.


You can also apply olive oil externally over the gallbladder and allow it to seep through the skin into the gallbladder and thence to the bile duct and dissolve the stones there.  A little hot fomentation over the gallbladder area will help the permeation of the oil through the skin.


Other things you can do to keep gallstone formation under check are :

Cut down on junk foods, carbohydrates, fats:  Drink lots of water and citrus juices, Eat lots of apples, citrus fruits, cherries and horseradishes.

Get sufficient exercise.


Are you convinced that Natural Therapy scores over other forms of treatment?

To know more about this excellent method of remedy, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.