Removal of Gallstones without Surgery

Removal of Gallstones without Surgery

Your medical reports have confirmed the worst – all the pain you are suffering daily after meals, in your upper right abdomen and right shoulder blade, is on account of gallstones – and of course, they have to be removed. Your doctor has recommended surgery at the earliest, and while he has told you there could be some deleterious side effects, he has said there is no alternative.  It is like being between the devil and deep sea.  You just can’t believe there is no alternative – not in the present age where so much information is available on every subject- there must be a way out:

You have good news,  there certainly is –  a great way out – and that is Natural Therapy. It is a form of treatment where apart from there being no side-effects, the methods prescribed are so effective and the cost involved is so low that it is way superior to any other form of remedy which you may consider – only natural methods and naturally occurring substances are used.

Do you know how and why gallstones form?  The liver secretes a substance called Bile into the gallbladder through tiny ducts connecting the 2 organs.
This bile consists of Cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts and water.  The function of the gallbladder is to remove the water component of the bile, and store it till it is required by the small intestine for digesting lipids, at which time it is released as required, again through a different set of ducts.  When excess bile remains in the gallbladder, it solidifies into gallstones of different sizes and if a slightly bigger one travels out with the bile into the bile duct it can cause havoc by blocking the duct, thus obstructing the flow of bile, which results in swelling, inflammation and – yes – Severe pain.  You can very well manage to remove the gallstones non-surgically – there are ways and means available for doing this – thanks to Natural Therapy.


First take care of what you eat- keep well away from junk foods of any kind – reduce your carbohydrate intake, as well as fats.  Drink lots of water, more than your normal quota, and get some amount of exercise daily.   Eat lots of apples, pears, cherries, grapefruit and horseradishes.  Citrus fruits are also good.


A specific method which helps remove the gallstones quickly yet smoothly and effectively, is to drink lots of apple juice for 2 days at a stretch, and on the second night, sip a cupful of a mixture of dark olive oil and lemon juice in equal quantities.  On the third day, you will be free of gallstones and pain.


You may find it difficult to believe, but all these simple methods work – and they work very well.  If you want still more methods for removal of gallstones, do contact a Professional Natural Therapist.