Passing Gallstones with Natural Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Passing Gallstones

Are you worried about the impending surgery you need to undergo for removing your gallstones?  If you have visited your doctor complaining of pain in the upper right abdomen and between the shoulder blades but more towards the right shoulder soon after a heavy meal, and if you occasionally have bouts of nausea and vomiting, claylike stools, etc. then your doctor would have suspected gallstones, and after a few confirmatory investigations, would have informed you about the surgery.  But have you yourself done a check for the alternatives available to you?  For your information, there are several of them, the best being Natural Therapy, since it makes use of only natural substances available right in your own home, for helping you to pass the gallstones out of your system.  Moreover, surgery for gallbladder removal has several dangerous side effects, about which you would need to acquaint yourself before taking a decision.

Gallstones are the solidified form of bile which pours into the gallbladder from the liver, through narrow ducts for storage until required by the intestines for digestion of fatty foods.  They are mainly composed of cholesterol, or bilirubin and calcium salts and can vary in size from tiny grains to one-inch pebbles.  When the gallbladder pumps the bile out into the ducts to the intestines, some of the gallstones also travel out into the ducts and block them, obstructing the free flow of the bile, thus causing swelling, inflammation and pain.  The consequences of this blockage can sometimes be quite serious, leading even to jaundice if one is not careful. Hence, do take immediate steps to get yourself diagnosed correctly, and once gallstones are confirmed, you need to embark on a course of remedial action, and what better can you have than Natural Remedies, free of tensions connected with surgery at far less than half the cost, and without any side effects.

A quick remedy for gallstones is to drink apple juice for 2 days, and on the night of the second day, have some lemon juice mixed with an equal quantity of dark olive oil.  The stones will pass out on the third day.

Apart from this, you would need to take care about what you eat:  Steer totally clear of all junk foods;   drink plenty of water:  Other foods which are considered good as gallstone remedy, are horseradishes and cherries.

You can get umpteen more home remedies for passing gallstones out of your system naturally – but for which, you would need to meet up with a Professional Natural Therapist.