Non-Surgical Treatments for Gallstones

 Treatments for Gallstones [without Surgery ]

Your gallstones are becoming very bothersome – your doctor told you that they are the cause of all the severe pain you are suffering in your upper right abdomen and right shoulder blade and also the nausea and vomiting soon after your meals.You have had the requisite tests done and the diagnosis is confirmed.  You have to get ready for a surgery – there is no other go – or so your doctor said.  This is what all doctors generally advise patients with gallbladder problems.  Your tension increases – hospitalization is something you dread – is there no other way in which you can treat gallstones, you wonder…  Just a few queries will tell you that you have several alternatives available – in fact once you begin exploring the facts, you will find surgery is one of the least recommended forms of treatment for gallstones in view of the serious side-effects it brings with it (Bowel cancer and high BP and even high cholesterol at times).  So why not take a less severe route to recovery?

Natural Therapy in that sense is the best, since it uses only natural substances,  is absolutely inexpensive when compared to the costof a surgery, and is the most effective, yet most simple form of treatment you can come across.


Gallstones are the result of concretization of bile which is secreted into the gallbladder by the liver for onward release to the small intestines for digestion of lipids there.  The movement of the bile is through narrow ducts connecting the liver, gall bladder and small intestine.  When there is excess bile remaining in the gallbladder it solidifies into gallstones, and when the larger ones move along with the bile into the ducts, it causes blockages in the ducts, resulting in swelling and inflammation of the ducts and  gallbladder – and of course the pain.  Natural Therapy can help you release yourself from the pain and the gallstones, in a very simple, natural, non-surgical way.


There is a herb called Quebra Pedra which is very much used in the treatment of gallstones, whch are most comprised of cholesterol and bilirubin, and some calcium salts.  You need to take a tablespoon of the herb in 500 ml water and complete it in a day. Do this for a month or until the symptoms subside.


Certain fruits and natural substances, are also very helpful in this regard.

Another remedy consists of taking apple juice for 2 days in good quantities and at the end of the second day, take a cupful of dark olive oil mixed with lemon juice just before bedtime.  On the third day, your gallstones will not be there.  A totally non-surgical, natural method of treatment of gallstones, which really works.


Keep away from fats, junk foods  and reduce your quota of carbohydrates if you can.  Obese persons are more prone to gallstones.  Also, load up on cherries, apples, citrus fruits, and horseradishes.  Drink some coffee also every day.


If you need more tips on how to treat your gallstones non-surgiclly, do meet up with a Professional Natural Therapist.