Naturally Treating Gallstones at Home

How to Treat Gallstones  at Home

Has your doctor given you the impression that gallstones can be removed only surgically?   i.e., by removing your gallbladder? This is the general advice given by any doctor who is approached by a person with pain in the upper right abdomen and right shoulder immediately after a meal,  with complaints of nausea and vomiting as well.  The symptoms being indicative of gallstones, an ultrasound or other blood tests are carried out to confirm the diagnosis and thereafter, you are told to prepare for surgery.  But are you aware how important the gallbladder is for your digestive system?  Removing it can lead to several other major problems such as bowel cancer.  High BP can also result from this surgery.  Apart from these side effects, the cost involved can disrupt your finances for a while  besides disrupting your daily routine.  So why not consider Natural Therapy which, while providing a much more effective and safe remedy, does not have any side effects either and can be done at home, at a fraction of the cost of a surgery.  It is certainly an option worth considering.

Gallstones form in the gallbladder as a result of excess bile remaining there after release of the required quantity to the small intestines for digestion of fatty foods. The bile comes from the liver through narrow ducts and leaves the gall bladder similarly through another set of narrow ducts.  When gallstones form, they tend to move along with the bile into the ducts, causing obstructions along the way, and since these consist of cholesterol, bilirubin and calcium salts they have to be dissolved out by special proceses as available under Natural Therapy.  The obstruction causes swelling, inflammation and  severe pain and can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.  Yet surgery is not the answer – Natural Therapy gives you methods by which these gallstones are removed quickly enough, in a much more simple and effective way.

To start with, set aside 3 days for a quick-acting process:

For 2 days, drink sufficient apple juice – 4 glasses a day:  On the night of the second day, drink a cup of olive oil to which some lemon juice is added.

Your gallstones will be removed naturally on the third day.

Once the stones are removed, you have to take care that they do not form again.  To this end, avoid all junk foods, cut down on fats and carbohydrates, drink lots of water, apple juice and citrus juices, have lots of apples pears, grapefruit and cherries to eat, as also horseradish.

Coffee is also a good remedy for gallstones, but needs to be taken in moderation.

If you need further help in the home treatment of gallstones, your best option would be to meet up with a Professional Natural Therapist.