Naturally Treating Gallstones at Home

Treating Gallstones at Home

You have almost resigned yourself to the thought of undergoing a surgery for removal of your gallstones.  The severe pain you have experienced in your upper right abdomen and right shoulder along with the frequent feeling of nausea and vomiting, has left you devastated. The verdict from your report was ‘Gallstones in the gallbladder’and your doctor has prescribed surgery for removal of the gallbladder. The very thought of hospitalization, the connected tension with regard to the severe side effects, and the thought of the expenses ensuing from this has kept you awake over the last couple of nights – but there appears to be no alternative –  is there one?  Yes of course – there are several, and the best of them is Natural Therapy.    This form of treatment allows you to manage the remedial measures in your own home, using natural substances and methods and is devoid of any side effects.


Gallstones are formed out of the excess bile which remains sometimes in the gallbladder when the latter does not completely empty out its contents into the bile duct for use by the small intestine for digesting fats.    (The function of the gallbladder is to receive bile from the liver for concentration and storage and release into the small intestine as and when required).  The gallstones can vary in size from tiny grains of sand to larger pebble-like formations and it is when one of the larger stones moves into the bile duct, that a blockage results, the flow of bile is held up, the ducts swell and the gallbladder gets inflamed.  The overall consequence for you, is severe pain about which one need not remind you.  But this condition, though it can be serious, can be treated at home, without surgery, with just natural substances, simply and effectively, at a small fraction of the cost you would have to bear for a surgery and most importantly, without any side effects.


The following is one of the natural processes you could work with to eliminate gallstones:


For two consecutive days, take 4 glasses of apple juice a day;  on the second night, mix equal quantities of fresh lemon juice and dark olive oil, and have a cupful of this mixture just before bedtime.  On the third day, you will find yourself free of gallstones.


In fact, apples and olive oil are separately also, good remedies for gallstones.  Other natural substances which you can have at home for gallstone treatment are pears, grapefruit, citrus fruits, cherries and horseradish.


While at this treatment and afterwards, you should keep yourself away from junk foods, drink enough water to flush out the gallstones, get sufficient exercise to facilitate movement of the stones in yur system, and reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake.


There are many more natural remedies which you could use at home, for removing your gallstones.   A Professional Natural Therapist is the best person to guide you in this regard and you would do well to meet one.