Natural Ways to Treat Gallstones

Safe Ways to Treat Gallstones

The pain in your abdomen has been traced to gallstones.  You are slightly taken aback at this diagnosis, but your doctor had suspected this even before the required investigations were done, and as he explained to you later, it is because the pain was in your upper right abdomen, and was radiating into your shoulder blades as well, mainly the right one and it used to occur straight after a meal.  You also told the doctor you had occasional bouts of nausea and your stools were of claylike pigmentation.

All these symptoms point to gallstones; a USG and some blood tests would confirm it.  Now that you are clear about the cause of your problem, are you going to follow your doctor’s advice regarding the surgery he has told you to undergo?   It is safer not to do so – the surgery will not remove only the stones – it will remove your gallbladder as well – removal of the gallbladder can end up in bowelcancer later on, apart from high BP and its attendant risks.  You need to do a thorough study of the side-effects of this surgery and then take an informed decision.  And while you are at it, why not consider Natural Therapy, the safest form of alternative treatment, and also the most effective. Just think about it – you will have no side effects, the cost will be absolutely low, and there will be no tensions at all.

A little background about the formation of gallstones may help you understand how you happened to fall victim to it.  These stones form in the gallbladder as a result of excess bile remaining in it after release of the required quantity to the small intestine.  Bile is used by the small intestine in the digestion of fats and is made available to it via the gallbladder from the liver. The function of the gallbladder is to concentrate the bile and keep it stored till required by the intestine. Obese persons are more prone to this problem – as are women and those who go on crash diets or eat junk foods.

These stones vary in size, and when the slightly bigger ones move into the narrow ducts through which the bile is expected to flow, the ducts get blocked and swell, and there is also inflammation and pain.  But do not worry, get started with Natural Therapy and you can get rid of the gallstones naturally, safely, without any tension and at hardly any cost.


First, reduce all fatty foods in your diet, also carbohydrates as far as possible, drink plenty of water, apple juice, citrus juices, a little coffee and try to have also some dandelion root tea.  Eat horseradishes, apples, pears, grapefruit, cherries, yams, citrus fruits.    Get plenty of fresh air and exercise – this is also important.


Simultaneously, go through the following 3-day process for quick removal of the stones naturally:

Drink 4 glasses of apple juice a day for 2 days.  On the night of the second day, drink a cupful of oliveoil and lemon juice mixture just before going to bed – drink it slowly and complete it in an hour’s time.  The third day will see your gallstones moving out automatically.


If you want still more tips on gallstone removal by natural means, please get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.