Natural Removal of Gall Bladder Stones

Gall Bladder Stones Removal at Home

If you have been diagnosed with gallstones, i.e., stones in the gallbladder, then you must indeed be suffering a lot of pain :  The pain generally comes on soon after a good satisfying meal, making it all the more discomforting. It lasts about 2 hours- sometimes even longer – and mostly affects your upper right abdomen and right shoulder blade or between the shoulder blades and brings with it a feeling of nausea as well.  It has become almost a daily habit.  The doctor has told you that surgery would be inevitable and you are pondering the pros and cons – wondering if there is any alternative at least by way of medication… But hold on,  you have something even better – you can turn to Natural Therapy, a safe and effective form of treatment by which you can remove your gallstones at home – without worrying about expensive surgery or its side-effects, which can be as serious as bowel cancer at times.


Gallstones are formed in the gall bladder from the excess bile, the components of which, cholesterol or bilirubin, tend to solidify at times into pebble-like stones.  Bile is generally received into the gallbladder through a duct connected to the liver which produces it and routes it to the duodenum through the gall bladder via another duct, for digestion of fatty food.  These stones are almost harmless while they remain in the gallbladder, but the moment they move into any of the ducts, they tend to block these passages and with that, the flow of the bile as well.  It is then that you feel the pain normally connected with gallstones.


But do not worry – it is very much possible to remove gallstones at home, naturally, with the help of Natural Therapy.


You presumably have apples and citrus fruits at home?  Have lots of them – they are a good remedy for gall stones.   Here’s another way you can make use of these more effectively:     Drink Apple juice for 2 consecutive days.  At the end of the second day, drink a small quantity of fresh lemon juice mixed with an equal quantity of dark olive oil. On the next day, the stones will pass out.  Unbelievable but True.


You can even apply moderately hot olive oil on the upper right abdomen after opening the pores of the skin there with a hot fomentation.  The olive oil seeps through the skin and into the gall bladder to dissolve the gall stones directly.


Apart from these remedies, you can even try eating lots of radishes, cherries and drink some coffee daily.  You should also make it a point to have sufficient water daily to flush out the stones.


If you need still more tips on gallstone removal at home, do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.