Natural Home Cures for Gallstones

Natural Cures for Gallstones

You have just been informed that the intense pain you have been suffering over the last few days in your upper right abdomen, is on account of gallstones and that these occur on account of poor eating habits or crash diets.    You are alarmed – you thought you were a sensible eater, though you love to eat, and your meals, especially dinner tend to be heavy.  But these days, soon after dinner, you tend to feel nauseuous and then, this terrible pain takes over for 3-4 hours. Something needs to be done – and your doctor has suggested surgery – your gallbladder would be removed thus eliminating the chances of formation of gallstones in future.  But that is as far as the advantage goes.  Removal of the gallbladder can result in bowel cancer, high BP and a chewed-up lining in the small intestine. You would be literally going from the frying-pan into the fire.  Think well before opting for surgery – if you would only look around, you would find many more methods of removing gallstones – only the gallstones and not the gallbladder.  One such method is Natural Therapy by which you can do the needful in a simple, natural and most effective way.

The gallbladder is the custodian so to say, of the bile which flows into it from the liver through narrow ducts.  In the gallbladder, all the water content of the bile is removed, the bile gets concentrated and is sent into the small  intestine for digesting the fatty food that arrives there after your meals.  The remaining bile solidifies into gallstones, and if these move into the ducts, the normal flow of bile comes to a halt,  there is build-up of bile in the duct, resulting in swelling, inflammation and severe pain. This situation calls for attention, and the sooner you apply Natural Therapy to it, the better.   The gallstones can be cured naturally with this form of treatment in such a way that you will not even feel you are under treatment.

You need to immediately step up your intake of apples, citrus fruits, pears, grapefruit, cherries, horseradish and yams.  Also cut down on all junk foods, carbohydrates, sugars and alcohols.   Also, drink much more water than you normally do, and include a good amount of exercise into your daily regimen.

Side-by-side, you can do the following 3 day process which will rid you of the gallstones very quickly:

Drink apple juice for 2 days – 4 glasses per day – and on the second night, drink a cupful of a mixture of dark olive oil and fresh lemon juice.  The malic acid in apples will soften the gallstones and the oil will serve to lubricate its passage out of the body on the third day.

There are many more simple and effective natural cures for gallstones and surgery need not be thought of at all.  If you are still not convinced, it would be better if you meet a Professional Natural Therapist.