How to Soften Gallstones Naturally at Home

How to Soften Gallstones

If you are looking for ways of softening your gallstones, one thing is clear – you are at least convinced that surgery is not the solution for gallstone treatment – this is a great step ahead.  Your upper right abdomen has been hurting severely for several hours a day over the past few days, after every meal, and you have been suffering from nausea and vomiting; you would like to find the quickest way out of the situation, but you know that surgery is not the right way to go – it can result in bowel cancer and/or high BP and associated conditions. How then do you soften the gallstones which are causing so much havoc in your life?  The solution is a very simple one – go for Natural Therapy, it can guide you through very workable yet effective methods to soften the gallstones and finally flush them out of your system. There will be no deleterious side-effects;  only natural substances and methods will be utilized in the process.

The liver which produces bile for digestion of fatty foods, sends it to the gallbladder for storage until required in the small intestine.  When any fatty food substances reaches the small intestine, the gallbladder releases the bile through narrow ducts:  Sometimes the excess bile solidifies and forms gallstones.  These gallstones can vary in size,  and the small ones do not cause any harm – however, when a slightly larger one escapes into the ducts, it tends to block the passage of the bile through the duct, and thus there is inflammation of the duct as well as the gallbladder, with swelling and consequent pain.  Natural Therapy is well equipped to take care of this situation, which can sometimes be life-threatening.  The methods it uses for softening the gallstones will enable you to see results in a couple of days in most cases.

The following 3 day process will help you soften and clear your gallstones easily:

For 2 full days, drink 4 glasses of apple juice per day.  On the second night, drink a cupful of mixture of dark olive oil and lemon juice in equal amounts.  On the third day, your gall stones will soften and pass out.

You can also use olive oil externally over the area where your gallbladder is situated to soften the gallstones – just apply sufficient quantity over the  skin  which you have priorly heated with a hot water bag.  The oil will seep in, and dissolve the stones.

You can get several more such tips from a Professional Natural Therapist and if you feel you need more assistance do meet one such expert for guidance.