How to Remove Stone in Gallbladder Naturally

Gallbladder Stones Removal Naturally

Are you looking for ways in which to remove gallstones naturally?  The pain and discomfort in your abdomen after your lunch is becoming almost a daily routine, and what is more, it is not a simple pain which goes away in a while. It builds up rapidly and remains for most of the afternoon.  The doctor had asked you to undergo some tests on the basis of which he informed you that you have gallstones and there is no better option than to undergo surgery for removal of these.  But you have heard of people managing to remove them naturally, without surgery, and are very certain you also can adopt the same procedure.  What exactly is the procedure?  Check out the options under Natural Therapy for the answer.  This form of treatment offers several ways in which you can get rid of these stones using only natural methods of different types.


How do you think gallstones form?  The gallbladder is the central storage point for an enzyme called Bile which the liver secretes into it through a narrow duct. This bile, which consists mainly of cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts and water, is meant for passing on, again via a narrow duct, to the small intestine as and when it is required to digest fatty foods which arrive there for processing.Any excess bile in the gallbladder tends to solidify into gallstones, and as long as these remain within the gallbladder, they are more or less harmless,  but they generally tend to move along with the bile into the ducts leading to the small intestine.  Here, more often than not, they cause a blockage, and the flow of bile is obstructed, causing the pain and nausea which you feel.  You can make use of Natural Therapy to dissolve the stones and remove them using only natural substances and methods, and no invasive procedure is really necessary at all.


It is to your advantage that you are already convinced of the efficacy of Natural Therapy.  A few general tips are as below:

Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day without fail.  Move around sufficiently – sedentary habits do not help removal of gallstones – they will only tend to enlarge.  Avoid all junk foods, eat only half the quantity of carbohydrates you are used to.  Instead load up on fresh vegetables. Other foods you can eat in substantial quantities, are apples, cherries, horseradishes and citrus fruits.

Coffee is also considered a good remedy for gallstones.


Olive oil has been found to be a good solvent for gallstones. Externally, it can be applied over the area where your gallbladder is located – the process is as follows:

Take a hot fomentation over the gallbladder.  Then dip a hot towel in olive oil and place it over the heated area over the gallbladder.  The oil will permeate directly into the gallbladder and dissolve the stones there.  It would however require several applications before the stones can be completely removed.


Olive oil can also be taken internally with good results.  There is a specific 3-day process involved for this, to know which, it would be better to go for the guidance of a Professional Natural Therapist.