How to Remove Gallstones from Bile Duct

How to Remove Gallstones from Bile Duct

Are you suffering from gallstones in the bile duct?  This is a situation  which can cause nausea, vomiting and extreme pain almost daily in your upper right abdomen and right shoulder blade. As is generally the case, your doctor must have prescribed surgical removal of the gallstones and told you that is the only way out.  You are worried about undergoing a surgery not only on account of the cost, but you have also heard that it can bring about severe side-effects such as bowel cancer and high BP.  It is good that you are thinking twice about undergoing surgery – it is not at all required.  You can remove gallbladder stones naturally at home, more effectively and safely than through surgery. This form of treatment is known as Natural Therapy and is the chosen form of treatment the world over, since it makes use of natural substances and methods to achieve spectacular results.

Gallstones form on account of solidification of bile in the gallbladder, when the bile which it  collects from the liver, is in excess of the amount which is required to be passed on to the small intestine for digesting fatty food. The passage of the bile from the liver to the gallbladder and further on  to the small intestine, takes place through narrow ducts  called bile ducts, and when the gallstones also move out into these ducts, they tend to block the ducts obstructing the flow of bile, resulting in undigested fats in the intestines, and swelling and inflammation in gallbladder and bile duct.  This blockage causes the pain which you suffer, the pain lasting for 3-4 hours in some cases.and  leading to  serious consequences if not attended to promptly.  But do not worry – you can get started with Natural Therapy which can guide you with some fast acting methods to save you from the pain you are suffering and also to remove the gallstones from the bile duct as soon as possible:

For 2 days, drink some apple juice throughout the day, and on the night of the second day, drink some dark olive oil mixed with fresh lemon juice (total 1 cup). On the third day, the stones will pass out.

Now that the gallstones are removed from your bile duct, you need to ensure that they do not recur.  For this, you should ensure sufficient intake of water, reduction in carbohydrates and fried foods, increase in the quantity of apples, pears, horseradish, cherries which you eat.    At the same time, get plenty of fresh air and exercise.    These steps will ensure freedom from gallstones if carried out daily.

You can see from the above, that surgery is at best the last option if at all, in the treatment of gallstones.  There are sufficient natural methods by which the gallstones can be removed naturally.  For more information however, you would need to meet a Professional Natural Therapist.