How to Remove Gall Bladder Stone Without Surgery

Gall Bladder Stones Removal Without Surgery

Has your doctor told you that surgery is inevitable for removing the gall stones you have been diagnosed with?  You had visited your doctor because of the pain you suffered in your upper abdomen right after your meals, almost till it was time for the next meal, leaving you with little inclination to carry out most of your daily tasks. What is more, it had become almost a habit, and on occasion, you would get a feeling of nausea and vomiting as well.   Hence,  to get a diagnosis, consulting the doctor was the only option.  But when it comes to treatment, you have several options apart from surgery.  All of them are less risky than surgery and more effective as well.

But the one that has become most popular over time, mainly because of its efficacy, is Natural Therapy, a form of treatment which uses only natural substances in its prescriptions. Surgery for gallstone removal can, on the contrary, lead to cancer of the bowels and should be considered as a last resort only.

Gallstones form in the gallbladder as a result of solidification of excess bile from the liver.  The gallbladder is the place where the bile from the liver is stored for releasing to the small intestine as and when required for digestion of fatty foods.  There are narrow ducts between the liver, gallbladder and the small intestine, through which the bile flows from one organ to the other.  Sometimes, the gallstones escape along with the bile, into the ducts, and block the passage of the bile, resulting in severe pain and infection in that area,and causing an emergency.  Since this is part of the process of digestion which takes place after a meal, you feel the pain in that area soon after you have eaten.  The aim of Natural Therapy is to dissolve the gallstones in the gallbladder itself, naturally, without the use of any drugs,  and flush it out of the system altogether, and it has achieved a great success level in this objective.

For starters, Natural Therapy suggests that you take a good look at your diet.Avoid all junk foods, reduce carbohydrates to the extent possible, drink a lot of water, get a decent amount of exercise, stay totally away from alcohol and cigarettes.  Simple as these suggestions are, they are an important part of the treatment.

Next, have plenty of apples, citrus fruits, cherries, horse radish and coffee. All of them tend to dissolve the gallstones – albeit gradually.

A very precise 3-day process consists of drinking apple juice continuously for 2 days;  on the second night, there is slight difference – you need to have some fresh lemon juice mixed with an equal quantity of olive oil (extravirgin category).  The result is there to see on the third day – all the gallstones would have dissolved.

If you want to hear about more miracles such as the above,  your best option would be to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.