How to Relieve Gallstones Pain Naturally at Home

How to Remove Gallstones Pain

 If you are suffering from pain on account of gallstones, you certainly know what pain means.  It comes on swiftly after a heavy meal, becomes severe, and makes you hold on to your abdomen – upper right area – for 3-4 hours thereafter. Sometimes you vomit,  at other times, you feel nauseous – and this happens almost every day after dinner, except when the meal is particularly light.  The doctor has diagnosed the condition and informed you that you have gallstones, which need to be removed at the earliest, and that you would need to undergo surgery to remove the gallbladder itself, so as to remove the gallstones.   While your anxiousness to go by what the doctor says is quite understandable given that you want to be rid of the pain fast, it makes immense sense to check out the other options available to you.  There are many ways in which you can rid yourself of gallstone pain, keeping intact your gallbladder, which is a very necessary organ for proper functioning of the digestive system.  Natural Remedies is the way to go and the treatment of choice for most people these days in view of its simplicity and efficacy, not to mention cost-effectiveness.


Gallstones form in the gallbladder when the latter is unable to completely empty out the bile which it receives from the liver for storage and release to the small intestine when required. They are mainly composed of cholesterol and bilirubin and some calcium salts.   The bile in its journey from the liver to the small intestine via the gallbladder, travels through narrow ducts and when the gallstones enter these ducts and block them,  the bile begins to accumulate, causing swelling of the ducts and gallbladder, and the pain you feel is the result of this swelling and inflammation.  But you really need not suffer this pain for long – try out the following natural methods of gallstone pain relief at the earliest:


For 2 days, have about 4 glasses of apple juice a day:  On the second night, have a cupful of a mixture of fresh lemon juice and dark olive oil.  The gallstones will automatically pass out of your system on the following day.

Another method is as follows:


Boil 2 tbsp of Qubra Pedra herb in 500 ml water:  Take this brew daily till the problem subsides.



Natural Remedies are almost magical in the way they are able to bring about results, harmlessly and very effectively. And you can be sure there will be no side effects either.  If you still need assistance with gallstone pain, you can get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.