How to Pass Gallstones Without Operation

How to Pass Gallstones Without Bleeding

You would be able to tell if you are suffering from gallstones, if having pain in your upper right abdomen and  right shoulder soon after a meal,  has become more or less a habit for you.  Moveover, this pain, which lasts for not less than an hour at a time,  is accompanied by a feeling of nausea and vomiting.  If you have these symptoms, it is best you have yourself checked for gallstones at the earliest.   And if this is confirmed, do not worry – there is no need for surgery – these gallstones can be passed out of the system with Natural Therapy, using only natural substances available at home, and in the most effective way possible.  On the other hand, surgery for gallbladder removal can leave you with several unwanted side-effects, such as high blood pressure and bowel cancer.  Natural Therapy is completely safe and there are a number of persons who would vouch for its efficacy and cost-effectiveness as compared to the doctor’s advice of surgery.


The bile which travels from the liver through narrow ducts, accumulates in the gallbladder until such time it is required to be released into the small intestine for digestion of fats.  The quantity of bile in the gallbladder is generally regulated carefully, but at times, it may happen that unutilized bile remains in the gallbladder.  This tends to solidify and form gallstones, the content of which is mainly cholesterol, bilirubin and  calcium salts.  The size of the gallstones can vary from tiny grains to pebble-sized stones and in case the bigger stones travel into any of the several ducts surrounding the gallbladder and block them, you can experience nausea and pain.  Infection can also result and worsen the situation.  Hence, as soon as the diagnosis is done, you would need to embark on a regime of treatment. Several options are available, the least recommendable being surgery, and the best being Natural Therapy.

A good remedy goes as follows:

For 2 days together, take 4 glasses of apple juice a day.  On the second night take a mixture of fresh lemon juice and dark olive oil (3 oz each) just before retiring to bed.  The stones will pass out naturally on the third day:

Other foods that help the flushing out of gallstones, are horseradish, apples pears, grapefruit, turmeric, cherries and coffee.   At the same time, you should try to avoid all junk foods, and reduce carbohydrates in your diet.Obesity predisposes you to this condition. However, do not go on crash diets. Also, get as much exercise as possible, daily.

The above methods should be sufficient to drain the gallstones out of your system quickly.  In case you still need help on the subject, your best option would be to meet a Professional Natural Therapist.