How to Get Rid of Gallstones without Going to Hospital

How to Get Rid of Gallstones at Home

The pain in your abdomen in unbearable – it has started immediately after dinner and has even affected your right shoulder.   The abdomen is also affected on the right side,  upper right to be precise.   Now you begin to feel a vomiting sensation and total discomfort.    There were slight signs of the same symptoms last night also and it had lasted for nearly 2-4 hours.  You hope that it goes away soon today, else you are going to have a disturbed sleep today also.  But since it is becoming a habit, there must be something in your system which is not functioning quite as it should.  What could it be, you wonder …   Get yourself checked for gallstones – your gallbladder is situated in the upper right abdomen, and must be the cause of the problems. Your  doctor will of course advise surgical removal of the gallbladder – but by doing that, your problems will not end – no – this surgery can be the beginning of a horde of other conditions, ranging from high BP to bowel cancer.  Go instead for Natural Therapy, which, while safely and effectively removing your gallstones, will also allow your gallbladder to remain intact.


Are you aware how gallstones are formed?  The liver sends an enzyme called Bile, through narrow ducts, into the gallbladder, for storage and release into the small intestines, for digestion of fatty foods which reach it after every meal.  Sometimes, some bile remains in the gallbladder after the major portion is released, and this remaining bile, consisting of cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts and water,  gets solidified into gallstones.  They can vary in size, and the larger ones tend to move into the ducts along with the bile, blocking the ducts in the process, and causing a lot of discomfort on account of swelling and inflammation.   You need to give immediate attention to this condition, since it can at times be life-threatening. But instead of surgery which brings with it many more problems, you can go safely for Natural Therapy, which you can carry out by yourself, in your home.


Have you been eating too much junk food?  If so, you should stop immediately. Also, reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat and instead load up on fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly apples, cherries, horseradish, yams, citrus fruits, and flaxseed.  Keep away also from alcohol, sugars and sodas.


Simultaneously, you can carry out the following 3-day process, which will help you get rid of your gallstones easily:

For 2 days, drink a lot of apple juice. On the second night, take 3oz of lemon juice mixed with 3 oz of dark olive.  You can be sure that on the third day, the gallstones will be flushed out of your system.


Olive oil can also be used as an external application as follows:

Take a hot fomentation over the gallbladder area.  Then dip a very hot towel in olive oil and apply it over the heated skin over the gallbladder.  The oil will seep into the gallbladder, and clean all the gallstones away.


If you need more of similar tips, you would do well to meet up with a Professional Natural Therapist.