How to Get Rid of Gallstones with Natural Remedies

How to Get Rid of Gallstones with Home Remedies

You are concerned about the pain you are suffering every day in your upper right abdomen.  It occurs at the same spot daily after meals, and slowly spreads to the right shoulder also,  lasting for about 2-3 hours, during which time, you also feel very uncomfortable and nauseous.  You have also noticed that your stools are yellowish and claylike of late.   There is certainly a problem in your system which you cannot afford to ignore any further.  Do have it checked out – after getting the required tests done, your doctor is sure to confirm the presence of gallstones – your symptoms are all very indicative of this condition.  In case he suggests surgery, think twice before going ahead – surgery of the gallbladder is fraught with more problems than it can solve – you may end up with high BP and bowel cancer.

So do explore other avenues of treatment – there are plenty available – and the best of them is Natural Therapy, wherein you will be using only natural substances available in your kitchen, for getting rid of the gallstones.

The bile from the liver reaches the gallbladder through narrow ducts and is stored there until required to be released, again through other ducts, to the duodenum for digestion of fatty foods. At times, the gallbladder does not empty fully into the ducts leading to the duodenum and the remaining bile solidifies into gallstones.  These gallstones move along with the bile into the ducts and block them, thereby obstructing passage of the bile, and causing severe pain depending at which point in the duct they are stuck. This can also result in infection, which if not checked in time, can lead to serious consequences.  Thus, it is necessary to take immediate remedial action once gallstones are confirmed – but surgery is not called for– you can make use of the several options available under Home Treatment and rid yourself of these stones safely and effectively in your own home.

The following remedy has been found to be particularly effective in removing gallstones quickly:

Drink 4 glasses of apple juice a day for 2 days:  On the second night, take a mixture of fresh lemon juice and dark olive oil before going to bed.  Your gallstones will pass out on the third day.

Olive oil can also be applied externally over the gallbladder area to enable it to seep in and dissolve the gallstones.

Apart from this, the following food items taken daily will ensure that you get rid of even the bigger stones safely and naturally:

Horse-radish / Cherries / citrus fruits

There are many more such tips which you can make use of under Natural Therapy to get rid of your gallstones naturally, and for this, you make need to speak to a Professional Natural Therapist.