How to Get Rid of Gallstones Sufferings

How to get Rid of Gallstones Pain

You like to eat well – but whenever you have a good, hearty meal these days you are experiencing an intense pain in the upper right abdomen.  Sometimes it becomes unbearable – it also affects your shoulder blades, especially the right one.  At times you also get a vomiting sensation along with the pain, after your meals.  You are sure there is something amiss as far as your digestive system is concerned, and you are right.  Your gallbladder is most probably not functioning optimally – the symptoms indicate the presence of gallstones, so get yourself diagnosed correctly and thereafter, you can take steps to get rid of the pain which you are suffering and also the gallstones – by a very simple form of treatment called Natural Therapy which surpasses surgery from any point of view, whether it be effectiveness, simplicity, cost, sideeffects, etc.

Gallstones form in the gallbladder as a result of excess bile there. The liver sends bile to the gallbladder for storage and release to the small intestine as and when required.  However, it may happen that some bile remains in the gallbladder after release into the ducts for transmission to the intestine. This is  the bile which then solidifies into gallstones, and when these gallstones move into the ducts connecting the gallbladder to other organs, they can block the ducts, causing severe pain and inflammation. While this can lead to a serious situation, there are ways and means of reducing the pain that accompanies it:  This can be done naturally, through Natural Therapy, without the need for surgery: You can try the following herbal tea to help ease the pain in the  passing of gallstones.

For 2 consecutive days, take 4 glasses of apple juice per day.  On the night of the second day, take a mixture of equal quantities of olive oil and fresh lemon juice.  You will find yourself free of gallstones on the third day.

Apart from the above you would need to immediately stop taking any junk food, reduce fatty food and carbohydrates, and start eating more apples, pears, grapes, horseradish, flaxseed and cherries.  Drinking moderate amounts of coffee daily will also help.

Further information on the treatment of pain arising out of gallstones, can be had by contacting a Professional Natural Therapist.