How to Flush Gallstones Fast

How to Flush Gallstones Naturally

Do you feel excruciating pain in the upper right abdomen and/or in the centre of the shoulder blades – more towards the right – soon after you have a heavy meal?  There is also a feeling of nausea and vomiting, accompanying the pain, and the colour of your stools is sometimes clay-like?   If all this is true, then it is quite possible that there are stones in your gallbladder.  You can have this checked out.  Surgery is normally advised in such cases for removal of the gallbladder itself – but that has very undesirable side-effects including the possibility of bowel cancer at a later date, and high BP as an immediate consequence.  Further the cost and tension involved in undergoing a surgery is enormous and can put a strain on your finances.  Hence, it is very much advisable to look at other alternatives, of which there are many, the best among them being Natural Therapy.  In this form of treatment, you will be using only natural substances and methods, so that you do not have to worry about any side-effects, nor any huge costs.  Moreover, the effectiveness of such a treatment is far beyond what surgery can offer.


Gallstones generally occur in people who are obese. They can also be hereditary.  Women are more prone to this condition than men.  But what exactly are they, and how are they formed?  The bile from the liver is secreted into the gallbladder in the normal course, for storage and release to the small intestine for digestion of fatty matter. If the bile does not empty out completely, and remains in the gallbladder, it tends to solidify into gallstones, the composition of which is mainly cholesterol, bilirubin and calcium salts.  The gallstones tend to travel out along with the bile into the ducts connected to the gallbladder;  if they are large, the block the ducts, and the flow of bile is stopped.  The bile then accumulates in the narrow duct, causing swelling of the duct and the gallbladder.  This results in inflammation and pain, and can cause a life-threatening situation.  But do not worry,  once the diagnosis is confirmed, you can take the help of Natural Therapy and flush the gallstones naturally out of your system without any side effects or surgery.


There is a herb called Qubra Pedra which is useful in the treatment of gallstones.  2 tsp of this herb should be boiled in 500 ml of water, and this water should be consumed within a day.  The treatment can be continued for approximately a month or two for complete elimination of the gallstones.


While you do the above process, you can also benefit by steering clear of all junk foods, reduce your carbohydrate intake, increase your water intake, cut down on sugars and sodas.  Eat more apples, horseradishes, cherries, citrus fruits and grapes, all of which are good remedies for gallstones.  Coffee is also beneficial and can be taken every day to eliminate them.


If you need still more hints on flushing out gallstones naturally, your best bet is to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.