How to Flush Gallstones at Home

How to Flush Gallstones at Home

Your acute pain in the abdomen,  the upper right portion to be precise, is bothering you.  It has become an almost daily feature after your dinner leaving you sometimes nauseous.  The pain at times spreads into the right shoulder blade or even into the centre of the shoulder blades, immobilizing your upper body and spoiling your sleep.  You certainly need to see a doctor, and his diagnosis probably will be that you are suffering from gallstones, since all your symptoms pertain to this condition.  Once you have a proper diagnosis,  you can listen to the doctor’s advice (which will most probably be surgery,) but do your own homework before opting for surgery.  Gallbladder removal leads to high BP and in some cases, even bowel cancer.  The intention here is not to worry you unduly – on the contrary, the aim is to help you find a suitable alternative – and there is one which surpasses all expectations – Natural Therapy is a form of treatment very well suited to this condition, since it can flush out your gallstones with natural remedies without your having to undergo surgery or hospitalization – you can do the treatment yourself in your own home.


Gallstones  are basically the result of solidification of the excess bile that reaches the gallbladder from the liver for storage before it is released into the small intestine through narrow ducts, for digestion of fatty foods there.  These gallstones so formed, are mainly composed of cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts etc. and can vary in size from tiny grains, to bigger pellets.  The smaller ones are relatively harmless, but the slightly larger ones, whose diameter exceeds that of the narrow ducts through which the bile passes,  can obstruct the passage of the bile through the ducts by blocking them, thereby causing pain, swelling and inflammation.  The gallbladder being situated in the upper right abdomen, the pain is felt by you in that area.  But do not worry,  apart from surgery, there are several ways you can flush these gallstones out of your system, in the comfort of your own home, in fact more effectively than surgery, and without any adverse side effects.  You can rely on Natural Therapy to do this best for you.


The first action you need to take is to avoid eating junk foods.  Try to reduce if you are obese, i.e., reduce your carbohydrates;  instead, eat more apples, pears, cherries, horseradish, yams, citrus fruits and have coffee on a daily basis.  Also, drink plenty of water, which helps to flush out the stones.


Next you can do the following 3-day process:

Drink apple juice for 2 days:  On the second night, drink a mixture  of 3 oz of lemon juice with 3 oz of dark olive oil.  On the third day, the gallstones will be flushed out.


You can also use olive oil application externally over the area where the gallbladder is situated.  The oil will seep through the skin into the gallbladder and dissolve the stones. For this process to be effective, you would need to open the pores of the skin in that area by taking a hot fomentation over it.


There are many more easy-to-perform remedies which you can do at home to naturally flush out your gallstones.  For knowing more about this, you would need to contact a Professional Natural Therapist.