How to Eliminate Gallstones Naturally

Eliminating Gallstones by Dissolving it

You enjoy good food – but you have noticed recently, that each time you had a good heavy lunch, you have felt a severe pain in your abdomen near the top right portion.  At the same time there is also pain between your shoulder blades.  The pain lasts sometimes over a couple of hours making it difficult for you to resume your daily tasks after lunch.  Should you see a doctor?  Yes, by all means, get yourself diagnosed for the presence of gallstones – you probably have some – but if the doctor advises surgery,  think again, because you have other simpler options for removing gallstones and any expensive surgery can only be the last resort.  Moreover, removal of the gallbladder is known to end in bowel cancer at times.  On the other hand, you have Natural Therapy, which has several methods of clearing the gallstones out of your system, naturally, simply and effectively, using only natural substances in its prescriptions.


Gallstones are formed in the gallbladder due to solidification of the excess bile which pours in from the liver for forwarding to the small intestine for digestion of fatty foods. The components of bile are mainly cholesterol, bilirubin, some calcium salts, and water.  As long as they remain in the gallbladder, the gallstones are relatively harmless, but if one or more of them enters the ducts surrounding the gallbladder, there is a tendency to block the flow of bile and this blockage results in the pain which you suffer after your heavy lunch. There are certain pre-disposing factors w.r.t. gallstones;  i.e., women tend to suffer this condition more frequently on account of excess estrogen in their system:  Also, if you are diabetic or over 60, the probability increases manifold.  If you are young, but decide to go on a crash diet, beware – you are a candidate for gallstones.  But do not worry – it is possible to drain the gallstones out of your system with the help of Natural Remedies – you may only have to follow some simple natural processes in order to do so.

Walk with Nature to Cure Gallstones

First, if you are in the habit of eating heavy greasy foods,  cut down on these and also any junk foods.  Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, get sufficient exercise and keep fit.  Have lots of apples and citrus fruits every day.  Horseradish and cherries are also good remedies for gallstones so load up on these.


Olive oil is known to act on gallstones to break them down.  You can take a hot fomentation externally over the place where the gallbladder is situated (upper right abdomen) and then place a hot towel dipped in olive oil over the same area.  The heat applied allows the pores of the skin to expand and let the olive oil seep into the gall bladder directly to remove the stones.  This procedure needs to be followed religiously over a period of time till all the stones are eliminated.


You can get many more similar suggestions, all based on natural methods, for removing gall stones without surgery.  They are all effective and at the same time safe but they may take some time.If you need quicker remedies, you would do well to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.