How to Eliminate Gallstones at Home Naturally

How to Eliminate Gallstones Naturally

Your doctor has got you really worried – you visited him with a complaint of intense pain in the upper right abdomen and right shoulder blade, with nausea and vomiting, for 2-3 days consecutively immediately after dinner. He has recommended surgery for removing gallstones which he says you have.  You like having a good, full meal at dinnertime, since you are too busy to eat throughout the day and generally pickup a morsel here and there for lunch. You are too concerned about going for a surgery, one reason is the huge cost involved, and the other is the difficulties your household will have to go through with you hospitalized. But do you know that there is one more reason why you should try to avoid surgery?  The side effects, particularly where gallbladder removal is concerned, are terrifying – you can end up with bowel cancer according to research findings.  However, you can put aside all your worries,  you have a much simpler alternative at hand, one which uses only natural substances and methods but yet, manages to eliminate the gallstones very effectively – we are talking about Natural Therapy.

How did your gallstones form in the first place?  The liver normally sends out an enzyme, Bile, to the gallbladder for storage and release to the small intestine whenever there is some fatty food to be digested.  Sometimes, some bile remains in the gallbladder after release, and this bile which consists of mainly cholesterol and bilirubin along with calcium salts and water,  solidifies to form gallstones.  The next time bile is released, the gallstones also move into the ducts through which the bile travels to the intestines. If they are small they pass through, but larger ones can block the ducts, obstructing the passage of the bile, and causing a swelling and inflammation at the site.  This is the cause of the pain you feel every night after your meal.  It can be serious, hence immediate attention is very necessary – but do not take the surgery route, as already explained, there are much more simple and effective alternatives in Natural Therapy which you need to explore first.

A surefire remedy consists in drinking apple juice for 2 days, and following it up with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice on the 2nd night.  On the third day, your gallstones will be eliminated naturally.

Also, you can boil some flaxseeds (1tblsp) with 500 ml water and drink the brew.  It is a good remedy for gallstones, being rich in omega3 fatty acids.

Apart from these you can have lots of apples and citrus fruits and also grapes, horseradishes, cherries and some coffee daily.  All of these are good remedies for gallstones.

Olive oil can also be used externally for gallstone elimination naturally,  and there are numerous other remedies, for knowing which, you could meet with a Professional Natural Therapist.