How to Cure Gallstone at Home

Home Cures for Gallstones

Did you know that gallstones can be cured at home?   When you went to the doctor with complaints of severe pain in the upper right abdomen and between the shoulder blades, after almost every heavy meal, especially after dinner, he had reason to suspect the presence of gallstones, especially when you told him that the pain lasts as long as 3-4 hours and is accompanied by nausea and vomiting.  After a few investigations, he confirmed his surmise, and told you to get ready for surgery.  That is what all doctors do.  But surgery has its side effects – the most dangerous of them being bowel cancer.  On the other hand if you go for Natural Therapy, you can cure your gallstones at home, naturally, using only natural substances and methods while doing so.


When you know the composition of gallstones, you will be able to better understand the natural methods of curing them.  Gallstones are basically composed of cholesterol and bilirubin which are the main components of the bile which pours into the gallbladder from the liver for storing till the intestines require it for digesting fatty foods.  The liver and intestine are connected to the gall bladder by means of narrow ducts through which the bile flows.  Excess bile in the gallbladder solidifies into gallstones which then travel into the ducts along with the bile, block the narrow ducts and cause buildup of bile within them, leading to swelling of the gallbladder, inflammation and pain.  The situation can become life-threatening at times or it can lead to several other medical conditions which are equally worrisome.

But all this can be handled very safely by Natural Therapy, using only natural substances,  and without even the need for a doctor.  You can treat the gallstones in your own home.


There are a few changes you would need to make in your diet and lifestyle in order to naturally cure gallstones at home.  First, drink a lot of water and do sufficient exercises – this helps to flush out the stones.  Add apples, pears, grapes, horseradish and cherries to your diet on a daily basis, and also drink some coffee every day.


There is a herb, Qubera Pedra of which you need to take 1 tblsp. And boil it with 500 ml of water.  Drink the resulting brew twice a day for 2 months.  Your gallstones will dissolve automatically.


You can use olive oil both externally and internally to dissolve the gallstones.  After a hot fomentation over the upper right abdomen, dip a very hot towel in olive oil and place it over the heated skin. The oil will permeate through the skin and enter the gallbladder, dissolving any gallstones which may be present there.


Are you convinced of the efficacy of Natural Therapy in the treatment of gallstones? There are so very many more similar useful tips which you can get, for which you would need to meet a Professional Natural Therapist.