Home Removal of Gallstones

Natural Removal of Gallstones

Are you pondering over the method to be applied for removal of your gallstones?  Your doctor has informed you that surgery is the only way in which these gallstones can be removed for good – i.e., he would have you remove your gallbladder.  You are also tired of suffering severe  pain day in and day out after dinner.  It comes right after your meal and remains for not less than 2-3 hours at a stretch, interspersed with bouts of nausea and vomiting, leaving you with little time for  a proper sleep.  This is taking a toll on your health.  But beware of the side effects of such a surgery.  Removal of the gallbladder can result in bowel cancer at a later stage, the immediate ill-effect being high BP.  So it is better you do some homework before letting yourself in for surgery. There are many alternatives at your disposal, most of them giving quick, lasting results superior to that of surgery. One such is Natural Therapy, where you will be using only natural substances and methods to remove the stones.


Gallstones are formed when bile which comes in from theliver, remains in the gallbladder after releasing the necessary quantity to the small intestine for digestion of fatty substances arriving there after you have your meal.  They are mainly composed of cholesterol, bilirubin and calcium salts, and when they obstruct the narrow ducts through which the bile travels from one organ to the other, they can cause a blockage which results in swelling and inflammation of the organ in which the blockage occurs, i.e., the ducts. The resultant pain you are already familiar with.  If you can get a quick method of removal of these gallstones by natural means, you would sure go with it.

And the good news is that Natural Therapy provides you with exactly such a method.  Go through the following process and see the result for yourself:


For 2 days at a stretch, take 4 glasses of apple juice every day.  Then on the night of the second day, take a mixture of 3 oz dark olive oil with 3 oz freshly made lemon juice, and retire for the night. On the third day, your gallstones will leave your system.


After ridding your system of the gallstones, you now have to keep yur system free of them. For this, you will need to abstain totally from junk foods, sugars, alcohols, and reduce the carbohydrate content of your meals.  Drink plenty of water and get enough exercise. Eat lots of apples, peaers, cherries horseradish, citrus fruits and grapefruit.  Drink some coffee daily.


If you need further information on gallstones and their removal by natural means, you would do well to get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.