Home Remedy for Dissolving Gallstones

Natural Remedies for Dissolving Gallstones

The pain you have been suffering over the last few days has to be experienced to be believed. It comes on as an intense pain over the upper right abdomen soon after dinner, and radiates into the right shoulder and centre of the shoulder blades, and lasts for several hours, bringing with it, nausea and vomiting and a totally uncomfortable feeling which lasts well into the night. All is not well within you – a visit to the doctor and a few investigations later, you are informed that you have gallstones and the remedy for it is ‘surgical removal of your gallbladder’.    You have always presumed that all your organs are there for a purpose – and you are very right – removal of the gallbladder will leave you suffering life-long – you can end up with high BP or even bowel cancer and a fragmented duodenal lining.  Can you live with all these problems later? Think several times before taking a final decision.  You have many other forms of treatment to choose from – all of them being effective, less harmful than surgery and more cost-effective.  Let us introduce to you, Natural Therapy, a form of treatment which people around the globe are going for these days in view of its versatility, safety and effectiveness in producing results.


You are perhaps aware that the liver secretes a liquid – bile – into the gallbladder where it is concentrated before passing on to the duodenum for use in the digestion of fatty substances present in your meal.  The movement of bile to and from the gallbladder takes place through tiny ducts which are quite narrow, permitting only the passage of fluids such as bile, through them.  Sometimes the bile solidifies into gallstones (composition – cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts) and these gallstones also travel with the bile into the ducts.  A slightly large stone is sufficient to block the ducts, causing buildup of the bile in the ducts resulting in swelling and inflammation, and the pain you are so familiar with.  You are almost ready to do anything to put a stop to the pain – even surgery – but for the fact that the side-effects are too alarming to contend with – so instead, go for Natural Therapy – it is not as slow a process as you may initially think – there are several quick methods of putting an end to your pain: Read about one of them here:


Drink 4 glasses a day of apple juice, for 2 days.  On the second night drink a cup of olive oil and fresh lemon juice mixture just before retiring for the night. On the third day, your gallstones will be out of your system.


This is safer and more effective than any surgery which would in fact leave you without a vital digestive organ.  But now, you have to maintain this state in future.  For this, you have to abstain from all junk foods, reduce carbohydrates, drink plenty of water, eat lots of horse radishes, cherries, apples, pears, and citrus fruits and get a good amountof exercise daily.


With this, you are surely convinced of the efficacy of Natural Therapy and would even recommend it to others who suffer similarly.  If not, you are still welcome to meet a Professional Natural Therapist.