Home Remedies to Dissolve Gallstones

Home Remedies to Pass Gallstones

These days you are almost scared to have your dinner.  Almost every other day, soon after dinner, you begin to get a pain in the upper right abdomen and in the right shoulder blade – a crippling pain lasting more than 2-3 hours- so you end up being awake halfway into the night suffering badly.  Sometimes you feel a vomiting sensation also around the same time.  No amount of rubbing and massaging seems to help –  It is not a muscular pain – it is surely something to do with your digestive system, you conclude, and you may be partly right.  Your symptoms in fact point towards gallstones.  Have it diagnosed correctly by a doctor, but beware if the doctor prescribes surgery, as he most certainly will. Surgical removal of the gallbladder is known to end in bowel cancer, apart from other side-effects.  Moreover, there are ways in which you can retain your gallbladder intact, yet get rid of the gallstones using simple,natural home remedies which are very effective, yet have no unwanted consequences.  It is in fact the most popular form of treatment nowadays in view of the many advantages it offers.

Gallstones are formed when the bile in the gallbladder solidifies.  You may be aware that the gallbladder is the storage centre for the bile which the liver secretes into it, for sending to the small intestine whenever there is any fatty food to digest.  It consists of cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts and water and these are the chief components of the gallstones as well.The bile travels from organ to organ through narrow ducts, on occasion, taking the gallstones with it and when this happens, the ducts get blocked and the bile accumulates in the duct, causing swelling, inflammation and pain.  It is certainly a messy situation going on within you and the sooner you manage to treat it, the better.  It can in fact prove life-threatening at times.  So, once you have decided on Natural Therapy on account of its several benefits over surgery, you are ready to begin the treatment right away.

The processes about to be described would be more beneficial if you could abstain totally from junk food, reduce your carbohydrate intake, drink lots of fluids, 60% of it being water,  stay away from sugars and alcohol, eat a lot of apples, pears, cherries, horseradish and drink some coffee daily.

While taking care of the above, you can carry out the following 3-day process:

For 2 days t a stretch, drink apple juice:  On the night of the second day, drink some lemon juice mixed with an equal quantity of dark olive oil. On the third day you will find your gallstones have disappeared.

Another remedy consists of drinking the brew made by taking 1 tblsp of Qubra Pedra herb and boiling it in 500 ml of water.

You can get many more simple remedies of the type given above, but for this, it would be necessary for you to consult a Professional Natural Therapist.