Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Gallstones

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Gallstones

These days you are unable to enjoy your meals thoroughly, especially dinner when you thought you could eat to your heart’s content.  Your digestive system seems to have gone haywire – soon after you complete your meal, you feel a severe pain in your upper right abdomen, followed by nausea and vomiting, with the pain sometimes travelling towards your right shoulder as well.  You are contemplating a visit to the doctor – and by all means go ahead – you need to get the problem diagnosed correctly.  In all probability, the doctor will inform you that you have gallstones – all your symptoms clearly indicate this.  But your doctor will also inform you that you need to have them surgically removed – you need to rethink this – because not only does surgical removal of the gallbladder entail predisposition to bowel cancer, but also the cost of such a surgery is high – and especially when you have other much safer and inexpensive alternatives, which are more effective and without side effects,  you need not go for surgery at all.

How do gallstones form?  You may be aware that the liver secretes an enzyme called bile, made up  mostly of cholesterol, bilirubin, calcium salts and water. This bile, it sends to the gallbladder for storing and releasing to the small intestine as and when required for digestion of fatty foods.  Sometimes, there is excess bile remaining in the gallbladder, which solidifies into gallstones of varying sizes.  With the next release of bile to the intestines, the gallstones also move out and block the narrow passages through which the bile flows, resulting in buildup of bile in the ducts, causing swelling, inflammation and pain.  This situation, if not attended to immediately, can become serious, leading to jaundice and other undesirable conditions.  Thus, it is important that you undergo a checkup for gallstones, and once confirmed, you need to start treatment immediately – here, Natural Therapy is the most recommended form of home treatment, in view of of the several benefits as described above.

For quick relief,  do the following 3-day procedure:

For 2 days drink apple juice – on the second night, drink a mixture of lemon juice with dark olive oil.  On the third day, the stones will pass out.

You can also use olive oil externally for dissolving the stones:

Take a hot fomentation on the skin over the gallbladder. Then dip a hot towel in olive oil and place over the hot skin.  The oil will seep into the gallbladder and dissolve the stones and you can get rid of them by flushing them out with water.

Further, you can generally include in your daily diet, more apples, cherries, horseradish, citrus fruits and coffee.  Avoid junk foods completely, reduce carbohydrates, sugars, sodas, and alcohol.

Do you need more tips on getting rid of your gallstones at home?  They are available in plenty, and all you need to do is get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist with your specific details so that he/she can give you individiualised attention in the matter.