Getting Rid of Gallstones without Operation

Getting Rid of Gallstones without Surgery

Are you under the impression that gallstones can be got rid of only by surgery?  It’s a mistaken impression – but first let us go through the symptoms which you may have experienced, which led your doctor to conclude the presence of gallstones.  When you have gallstones, you generally feel a severe pain in the upper right abdomen and centre of the shoulder blades, more towards the right.  Also, this pain is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, clay coloured stools, and a general feeling of discomfort right after a heavy meal.  This can last for several hours before subsiding and coming on again after the next meal. Your doctor would have advised some blood tests and a USG perhaps to preclude other conditions with similar symptoms and advised surgery as the only means of getting rid of gallstones.

But there are other methods as well, which are much more safe and efficacious and without the side-effects of a surgery.(Did you know that you can end up wth bowel cancer after a gallbladder surgery?).  Natural Therapy, which makes use of only natural substances is one of the best means of eliminating gallstones and is fast gaining popularity throughout the world.

Gallstones are essentially solidified bile, comprising mainly of cholesterol, bilirubin, some calcium salts and water.  This bile is manufactured in the liver and sent to the gallbladder for storing until the small intestine needs it for digesting fatty foods.  The transfer from one organ to another takes place through narrow ducts.  Sometimes, some of the smaller stones move out of the gallbladder along with the bile, and block the passage of bile through the duct, causing inflammation, swelling and pain.  The condition can even be fatal if not attended to urgently.    But with the onset of the symptoms and correct diagnosis, you can start treatment with Natural Therapy right away, since all the substances you may need would be available close at hand.

Olive oil is extensively used in the treatment of gallstones both internally and externally.  You can take a hot fomentation over the upper right abdomen and then dip a hot towel in olive oil and spread it over the heated skin. The oil will seep into the gallbladder and dissolve out the stones naturally.


Another process which makes use of olive oil is to drink apple juice for 2 days, and on the night of the second day, take some lemon juice mixed with dark olive oil.  The stones will pass out naturally on the third day.


Apples, pears, grapes, horse radishes, flaxseed tea, dandelion brew, cherries and coffee are all known natural remedies for gallstones and can be eaten liberally while avoiding junk foods and reducing carbohydrates in the diet.

Water should be had in plenty for flushing out the stones.  Exercise also helps in the elimination process.


If you need further advice on getting rid of gallstones naturally,  do get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist for personalized assistance.