Gallstones in Women – Natural Treatment

At Home Treatment of Gallstones  in Women

You have been experiencing acute pain over the past few days – quite regularly after meals – in the upper right region of your abdomen and in between your shoulder blades.  The nausea and vomiting which follows sometimes keeps you awake halfway into the night.  Your doctor suspects the presence of gallstones and he has been proved right by the test reports which have now come.  Your symptoms are all related to gallstones as a matter of fact, and since you are a woman, you are more prone to them as well.  Obesity is another pre-disposing factor.    What has your doctor recommended by way of treatment?  Probably surgery – but if you are to go into the details of this form of treatment, you will realize that the side effects are more devastating than the gallstones themselves.  You can even end up with bowel cancer at a later date.   A better option is to go for Natural Therapy, which uses only natural substances to treat you in a safe and effective way.


A little background information on the formation of gallstones may help you understand your condition better.  The liver produces bile for digestion of lipids, but instead of sending it directly to the small intestine, it is sent to the gallbladder first, for concentration and storage, and release in small amounts as and when required by the small intestine.  In the process, some bile remains in the gallbladder, and here it solidifies into gallstones.  When some of the slightly larger ones move into the duct with the bile, your problems begin, because they tend to block the flow of bile, which then piles up in the duct, causing swelling, inflammation of the gallbladder and pain.

Do not worry – just allow Natural Therapy to guide you through the steps you need to follow for complete relief from gallstones.


First you need to make some minor changes in your general lifestyle.  Cut down on carbohydrates and sugars, and also fats.  Totally avoid junk foods.

Drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise.


If you can get the herb Quebra pedra, make a tea out of 1 tblsp of this herb in 500 ml of water and hve it throughout the day, for a month or so, till your symptoms subside.


You can use olive oil to dissolve the stones, in several ways.  Externally you can apply it over the area where the gallbladder is located.  The oil would seep through the skin into the gallbladder and work on the stones there.  To make this process more effective, give a hot fomentation to the area to which you are going to apply the oil.


You can also use dark olive oil liberally over your salads and other foods. It is a great way to dissolve the stones.  Another quick method is to drink apple juice for 2 days at a stretch throughout the day, and on the second night follow it up with a cupful of dark olive oil and lemon juice mixture.

The stones will pass out of your system on the third day.


There is no better treatment than Natural Remedies for gallstones in women.

A careful adherence to the prescriptions will bring about dramatic results.

If you still need information on Natural Remedies, you may get in touch with a Professional Natural Therapist.