Gallstones in Teenagers Treatment – Symptoms,Causes & Natural Removal

Gallstones in Teenagers  Treatment

Your normally healthy teenage daughter is not quite herself these days. It appears she is unable to digest her food, especially dinner.Soon after a meal, she feels a lot of pain in the upper right abdomen, followed by nausea and vomiting. The pain then travels up to the right shoulder and between the shoulder blades and lasts for more than a couple of hours. This does not appear to be a normal case of indigestion. Since her right abdomen is affected, there is every possibility of her having gallstones – the symptoms also point in the same direction.  Hence, do get her checked for this condition – it will test positive in all probability – and do not get worried if the doctor advises surgery.  Take some time to explore other options of which there are several, the best of them being Natural Therapy.  This is most suited to teenagers since the chances of complications arising out of it are nil, all treatment being carried out with natural methods and substances only.


Gallstones are formed in the gallbladder as a result of solidification of bile, for which it acts as a storage point in the body.  This enzyme is secreted into the gallbladder by the liver, for forwarding to the small intestine for digestion of fats.   Bile is made up mainly of cholesterol and bilirubin, along with some calcium salts and water.  When excess of it remains in the gallbladder for whatever reason, it solidifies.  Among teenagers, the reasons for formation of gallstones could be obesity, constipation, high fat/cholesterol diet,excess estrogen, or heredity.  These gallstones tend to travel into the ducts along with the bile which needs to flow into the intestines.  If they are large enough, they block the ducts and consequently, the flow of bile as well.  When this happens, the gallbladder swells, and becomes inflamed, causing the symptoms your daughter experiences.  Natural Therapy is the most recommended form of treatment in such cases, since it is able to bring about relief without surgery and its consequent side effects, bowel cancer being one of them.


Advise your daughter to drink plenty of water, and avoid all junk foods.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, grapes, etc. will help.  Dandelion juice or watercress juice is also known to be a good remedy and needs to be taken twice daily.


Qubera Pedra herb boiled in 500 ml of water and taken daily for 2 months, is also a good remely.


Apart from this, apples, pears, grapes and their juices are wellknown remedies.  There is a speicifc process which makes use of apple juice and olive oil,  which is as under:


Drink apple juice for 2 days, and on the night of the second day, have some lemon juice mixed with dark olive oil.  The third day will see the gallstones being flushed out.


Similar remedies which are very efficacious are available in plenty with Natural Therapy.  What you need to do is take your daughter to a Profession Natural Therapist for personalized attention in the matter.