Gallstones in Children Treatment – Natural Method

Gallstones in Children Natural Treatment

ChildrenYour child loves to eat good food – but whenever she has a heavy dinner, she ends up with a sharp pain in her upper abdomen which lasts for a good part of the night, disturbing her sleep and that of everyone else as well.  Sometimes she vomits an hour after her meals, and feels quite uncomfortable thereafter. At times there is also pain between her shoulder blades.  You didn’t know what to make of it till you took her to the doctor, who after an ultrasound and blood test, confirmed the presence of gallstones.

You are quite alarmed and at the same time feel sorry for the little one who has been advised a surgery for removal of the stones.    You also wonder what caused these stones to form in her gallbladder.  But you need not worry so much – because apart from surgery there are other alternative treatments which you can try out – the best of these is Natural Therapy- most suited to children since it is a form of treatment which is safe, and uses only natural methods and substances for giving relief.

Gallstones are small, stony objects that form when the bile in the gallbladder solidifies.  Bile which is produced in the liver,  is used in the  digestion of  fats. The gallbladder stores it until required   by the  intestines. A number of ducts connect the liver, gallbladder and intestines. The tubes leaving the liver are called the hepatic ducts. The tube leaving the gallbladder is called the cystic duct.

Together, they form the common bile duct, which goes to the intestines. Bile contains cholesterol, fats, salts  water and proteins and bilirubin, a yellowish pigment. If gallstones enter into a duct, they block the flow of bile which causes the duct or the gallbladder to swell. Blockage can  also lead to infection and all this can be fatal.Generally, there is no specific cause for gallstones in children. But some factors  such as being obese, or having a family history of gallstones, can put kids at increased risk for gallstones:  Natural Therapy is best suited to children – while no surgery is required, this form of home cure methods will treat the gallstones safely and effectively and no side effects of surgery need be feared either.

You can go through some quick remedies first:

Give your child apple juice to drink for 2 days at a stretch.  On the night of the second day, give her lemon juice mixed with extravirgin olive oil  in equal quantities.  The stones will pass out on the third day and she will be painfree.

You can also use olive oil externally – first give a hot fomentation externally where the gall bladder is situated – i.e., on the upper right abdomen.  Then dip a hot towel in olive oil and spread over the heated skin on the abdomen.  The olive oil will seep through the layers of skin, reach the gallbladder and dissolve the stones.

Apart from this, you can give the child plenty of apples and citrus fruits to eat on a daily basis, ask her to drink lots of water, see that she gets sufficient exercise and fresh air and sunlight.  The gallstones will never return.

For more information, you can always contact a Professional Natural Therapist.