Foods that Dissolve Gallstones

Foods that Dissolve Gallstones – Save Gallbladder with Diet

apple juiceAre you suffering from gallstones?  You would know,  if you tend to have severe pain in the upper right abdomen soon after a meal.  The pain also tends to appear in the upper right back, or area between the shoulder blades, and does not subside for more than 2-3 hours.   At times, you get a feeling of nausea or vomiting which makes you feel so out of sorts that you wonder why you had to have a meal at all.

A simple ultrasound could confirm whether or not gallstones exist in your gallbladder.  The doctor would of course advise you to undergo a surgery for removal of the gallbladder once and for all,   but did you know that that is not really a solution?  Removal of this organ can result in bowel cancer at a later date.  And why should you go for surgery when there are other options before you which are less taxing both financially and mentally and at the same time more effective and safe?We are referring to Natural Therapy, a form of treatment which will dissolve your gallstones out of your system without the tension of any surgery or side-effects thereof.

Once we know the composition of gallstones, dissolving them is only one step away. Here, it would be interesting for you to know what they are and how they are formed.  Gallstones are essentially composed of cholesterol or bilirubin through solidification of  excess bile which remains in the gallbladder, along with some calcium salts and water.

Bile is necessary for digestion of fatty foods, and  the gallbladder is the storage point for this enzyme; the gallbladder receives the bile from the liver through a duct, and passes it on to the small intestine via another duct. In this process, if any gallstones escape from the gallbladder into the ducts, you feel pain in the area where the gallbladder is located, i.e., the upper right abdomen. In fact, it can result in an emergency. Fortunately, Natural Therapy is aware of what foods one can consume in order to dissolve the gallstones naturally;  a few tips are given below:

Dissolve Gallstone with Diet

The best natural remedy known so far for gallstones, is olive oil.  It can be put to use in 2 ways – i.e., it can be taken internally as well as applied externally.   The processes are given below:

  1. For 2 continuous days, take apple juice in good quantities. At the end of the second day, take 3oz of lemon juice mixed with 3 oz of extravirgin oliveoil.  You can expect the gallstones to pass out of your system on the third day.
  1. Take a hot fomentation over the area where your gallbladder is located in the body.  Then immediately dip a hot towel in olive oil and spread it over the heated area of the abdomen. The oil will seep through the pores of the skin enlarged by heating. Continue with this treatment for a few days till the gallstones dissolve.

Apples, radishes, cherries, citrus fruits and coffee are known good remedies for gallstones.   For further details on how to make use of these and other similar tips on dissolving gallstones naturally, you can contact a Professional Natural Therapist.