Food Recipe for Dissolving Gallstones

Recipe for Dissolving Gallstones

Gallstones!   They can really take the life out of you –  The pain which you experience in your upper right abdomen soon after enjoying a good meal,  makes you wince, not to mention the feeling of nausea and sometimes vomiting that also comes with it.  If you have been diagnosed with gallstones it is better not to opt for surgery.  There are several reasons for this, the main one being that during the surgery, the entire gallbladder will be removed.  Though a seemingly inconspicuous and unimportant organ, it also has a part to play in the digestive system and removing it can have consequences as serious as bowel cancer at a later date. Other factors to contend with are the high cost of a surgery and tension prevailing prior to it.  Moreover, there is a great recipe available for dissolving gallstones naturally, if only you would turn to Natural Therapy for assistance in this regard.  This is a form of treatment which uses only natural methods and substances and works wonders for ailments such as gallstones.


Gallstones form in your gallbladder when there is an excess of bile remaining there.  Bile is normally sent into the gallbladder by the liver for concentration and storage and for release into the small intestine in required quantities as and when required for digesting fatty foods.  Sometimes the remaining bile hardens into gallstones of different sizes and if some of the larger ones travel along with the bile into the narrow ducts towards the small intestine,  a blockage can result, with a pile-up of bile on one side, causing swelling and inflammation and severe pain.    Wouldn’t it be good if these gallstones could be dissolved instead of having them removed by surgery?   Well, you have good news – it is possible with Natural Therapy – there is a surefire recipe available which will dissolve them in no time:  Go ahead and read about it here:


For 2 consecutive days, drink 4 glasses of apple juice per day.  On the night of the second day, drink a cupful of a mixture of equal quantities of dark olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice and retire for the night.  On the third day, your gallstones will have dissolved and will pass out of your system without your knowing it – you will thereafter be painfree.


You would now need to maintain this painfree state in the future.  For this you would need to keep far away from junk foods, reduce your intake of fats and carbohydrates, drink lots of water, get plenty of exercise, eat apples, cherries, horseradishes and citrus fruits to keep the gallstones from forming again.


If you still need better recipes for dissolving gallstones, you can certainly get them – for this, you will need to consult a Professional Natural Therapist.