Bile Duct Gallstones Treatment

Treatment for Gallstones in Bile Duct

Bile DuctDid your doctor tell you that you are suffering from gallstones in your bile duct?  This is probable if you went to him with a complaint of severe pain after meals, in your upper right abdomen or right shoulder blade, and a frequent feeling of nausea and vomiting.  You wonder how all this happened – i.e., how did you end up with gallstones, and how did they get into your bileduct.    You would do anything to put an end to the type of pain you are experiencing as a result of these gallstones in your bileduct.

But wait – do not be in a hurry to get them surgically removed- during a surgery, your entire gallbladder will be removed, leaving you prone to bowel cancer and high cholesterol, both side effects you would hardly want to live with later on.  Go instead for Natural Therapy whereby you would be using only natural substances to clear your gallstones;  it is a highly effective form of treatment, a fact which you will discover once you work with it.

Gallstones normally form in the gallbladder when excess bile, which comes in from the liver, remains after the gallbladder releases the required quantity into the bileduct from where it moves on to the small intestine for digestion of fats.  The excess bile, which is in concentrated form in the gallbladder,  solidifies into gallstones which then move along with the bile into the bile duct. The smaller stones move harmlessly in the duct but the larger ones tend to get stuck in the duct causing obstruction to the flow of bile. What results is a combination of swelling, inflammation and unbearable pain.

You need to do something about it quickly, as it can sometimes become life-threatening.  But with Natural Therapy there to help you out, you need not fear any calamity.  Just go with the prescription as formulated, and you will come out of the condition in a very simple, tension-free way.

Having understood the facts relating to gallstones, let us look at some of the processes and basics of the treatment for these stones in your bileduct.

Cut out all junk foods from your diet for all time.  Reduce your quota of carbohydrates and fats.  Drink lots of water – more than 8-10 glasses if you can.  Get out and about – move around, get plenty of exercise.

Next, follow the process given below, for relief from gallstones in 2 days:

For 2 full days, have plenty of apple juice throughout the day.  On the second night, have a cupful of a mixture of lemon juice and dark olive oil.  That will end your suffering from gallstones- they will move out of your system quietly on the third day.

For further details on treatment of gallstones in your bile duct, you can get in touch with a ProfessionalNatural Therapist.