Alternative Medicine for GallBladder Stones Treatment

GallBladder Stones Treatment Alternative Medicine

Are you troubled by stones in your gallbladder?  It must certainly be causing you a lot of pain and discomfort – around the centre of the shoulder blades, more towards the right and also in the upper right abdomen.  The pain normally comes after a heavy meal, and subsides 2-3 hours later, and in between, there are times when you feel even nausea and vomiting sensations.Your doctor has rightly diagnosed it as due to gallstones and got you feeling rather tense by informing you that you would need to necessarily undergo a surgery to remove them.  But did you know that Alternative Medicine can help you treat these stones to the extent of dissolving them and flushing them out of your body naturally?  Yes, Natural Therapy does exactly that – it is a form of alternative medicine which manages toclear the stones from your system using only natural methods and substances in its prescriptions:


Gallstones form in the gall bladder as a result of the presence of excess bile there.  The bile which comes from the liver and goes to the small intestine through the gallbladder, for digestion of fatty foods,  sometimes tends to solidify into gallstones.  You can have cholesterol gallstones or pigment gallstones, the source for both being the bile, whose main components are cholesterol and bilirubin, calcium salts and water.The gallstones vary in size.  The smaller ones do not cause much problem, but when they grow and move into the ducts through which the bile flows between organs, (i.e., from liver to gallbladder, or from gallbladder to small intestine), they tend to obstruct the flow of bile, resulting in an almost emergency situation, with intense pain in the right upper abdomen and centre of the shoulder blades. Infection can also result.Women are more inclined to have it – so also obese persons. It is best of course to clear them out of the system, and this is done in a very simple, safe yet effective way through Natural Therapy.


Some of the tenets of this system in respect of gallstones are as under:


Have plenty of water :  8-10 glasses minimum per day.  It is required for flushing out the stones.  Move around and get as much exercise as you can- you need to reduce if you are obese.  Eat a lot of citrus fruits and apples, horse radish and cherries, and drink some coffee daily.  Cut down completely on junk foods and reduce  carbohydrates but eat more vegetables and fruits.


A herb called Quebra Pedra is an effective remedy for gallstones.

2 teaspoons in 500 ml of water should be boiled and taken daily for a month or two.


Olive oil is also a good remedy for gallstones.  It works internally as well as externally.  To know more about the exact procedure for using this natural substance, as also to get more natural tips for gallstone removal, your best option is to meet a Professional in the field.