GallStones Natural Treatment with Home Remedies

You can get rid of gallstones naturally using home remedies & proper diet .There are two types of home remedies  – Common Home Remedies & Improvised Home Remedies.Improvised home remedies are fast acting & offer guaranteed results,as these are proven & tested.

GallstonesThe gall bladder is a small organ, located below the liver, in the right abdominal region of the human body.  It helps in the process of digestion.  The liver produces bile juice and the gall bladder helps in carrying the bile into the intestines to further the process of digestion.  Most of the bile juice is comprised of cholesterol,  bile salts and bilirubin. Gall stones tend to form in the gall bladder when there is no balance in three compounds which form the bile juice.

Most of the gall stones are the result of an excess of cholesterol in the bile juice.  Other types of gall stones formed include pigment stones which are due to an excess of bilirubin.

Symptoms of Gall Stones:

  1. Right abdominal pain. The pain can be dull or sudden and sharp.  Patients often suffer after a heavy meal or during the night.
  2. A bloated and heavy feeling in the abdomen.
  3. Vomiting and fever.
  4. A general pale appearance.

Who are at risk for Gall Stones?

  1. Obese persons.
  2. Women, above 40, more than men – as  extra estrogen, the female hormone,  contains more cholesterol.
  3. Persons eating the wrong foods and following faulty lifestyles. Foods high in carbohydrates and low in fibres may cause gall stones.
  4. Family history. Persons with a family history of gall stones are more likely to have the disease than those who do not have an adverse family history.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

Gall stones can easily diagnosed by an expert physician through a simple Ultra Sound Examination. Other tests may be suggested by the physician as per the patient’s condition.  The usual treatment recommended for gall stones is surgical removal of the gall bladder.  The gall bladder is considered as an unnecessary organ and its removal, doctors opine, does not affect any of  the bodily functions.  The surgery, known as cholycystectomy, is performed as an open surgery or through laparoscopic methods.

Any surgery would definitely come with side effects.  Hence, the patient may try a few natural treatment methods to get rid of gall stones, after discussing the same with his doctor.  Some proven hhome remedies are suggested here:

Cumin + Buttermilk:

Take a bowl of home-made yogurt.  Ensure that the yogurt is made out of low-fat or zero-fat milk.  Dilute the yogurt with an equal amount of water.  Now, run this in the mixer to get a thin, consistent liquid, the buttermilk. Keep aside.

Dry roast half-a-teaspoon of cumin seeds. Grind them to a fine powder.  Mix this in the butter milk.

Cut a green chilli into fine, small pieces.  Similarly, grate a small ginger piece after removing the peels.  Mix these also in the butter milk.

Add a bit of powdered rock salt for taste. Sprinkle a little asafoetida.

Drink a big glass of buttermilk, prepared in the above manner, at least thrice a day.  This cool drink enables better digestion.  Thus, it helps in reducing the gall stones and disallows the formation of further stones.

Apple / Apple juice:

Eat at least two apples, every day.  The malic acid in apple helps in removing the gall stones.  Actually, it softens the stones and helps in passing them, easily, without any pain.  Also, apple contains pectins, which help in easing the bowel movements.  Thus, apple helps in constipation as well as in diarrhea.

Patients can supplement apple juice instead of apples, if they do not have enough time to munch and eat the fruit.  Drink at least three glasses of juice, each day, until you get rid of the problem.

However, it is always preferable to eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice as it is  rich in fibre.  Fibre adds bulk to the stool and helps in clearing the stomach of wastes and toxins.  This, in turn, would benefit the gall bladder too.

Hot water + Honey +  Lemon Juice:

This remedy needs to be followed routinely, at the beginning of each day.  The remedy would definitely bring results.  However, in the best interest of the patient, it is a good idea to make it a life long practice.

Take the juice of half a lemon.  Add a glass of warm drinking water.  Add a teaspoon of organic honey.  Mix well.  Drink.  Do not eat or drink anything for the next 30 minutes.   Repeat the same process in the evening, before dinner.

Carrots & Cucumbers:

Carrots and cucumbers, belong to salads group.  They can safely be had, raw, without overloading the process of digestion.  However,  use the peeler to remove the peels and slice the vegetables into smaller pieces to enable easier munching.

Chew the vegetables thoroughly and then swallow.  Both the vegetables help in recovering gall bladder health.


Persons who have been detected to have gall stones can face the problem head-on, by deciding to fast.  Fasting for a period of 24 hours is advised.  During this period, the patient should not be given any thing except warm drinking water.

Once a full 24-hour fasting period ends, the patient may be given fruit juices.  Light juices like those of lemon, grapes, sweet lime, oranges, apple etc., may be given for the next two days.

After this, the patient may be put on a  vegetable diet.  In this period, only vegetables which are boiled or steamed with very little rock salt for taste,  may be given to the patient.

After following this routine for a few days, the patient may start eating regular, healthy, vegetarian food.  However, he should avoid fatty/ spicy foods.

Fasting definitely helps in resolving minor gall bladder stones.

Castor Oil:

Make it a point to buy good quality, edible castor oil.  The patient with gall stones may be given a teaspoon of edible castor oil, on an empty stomach.  Castor oil works by clearing the abdominal region of residual faecal matter, toxins etc.  It detoxifies the stomach.  During the initial few hours after  consuming castor oil, the patient may have the urge to visit the toilet a number of times.

The patient should take a very light diet during the rest of the day and rest adequately, helping the body to heal itself.

Castor oil may also be warmed slightly and massaged in the right abdominal region, where the gall bladder is located, gently, every day.  This activity can be followed twice, in the morning and right before retiring to bed.

Castor oil helps by breaking and softening the gall stones and enables clearing them from the system.


Certain postures in yoga help in healing the gall bladder.  These postures help in resolving the stones by speeding up the digestion process.

Poses like Vajrasana and Pavana mukta asana help in bettering the gall bladder health.  However, it is good to learn these poses from an expert yoga practitioner after discussing the problem with him.

There are certain postures in yoga which are counter-indicative for persons with gall stones.  Take care to avoid them, at least until the problem is solved.

Also, certain breathing exercises, called Pranayama in yoga, help in stimulating the various abdominal organs.  Performing these breathing exercises enables better oxygenation and good blood circulation to the vital parts responsible for digestion.  As usual, learn these exercises from an expert yoga teacher.

Pranic Healing:

This is another form of alternative healing which involves the cleansing of negative energies accumulated in the body and infusing it with positive energy.  Pranic healing believes that the cause of diseases is the accumulation of negative energy in the diseased parts which in turn blocks the entry of positive, healing energy.

For healing, the Pranic Healing practitioner sweeps the problematic area with hand movements.  Postive energy is invoked and applied on the diseased region.  The patient can approach the Healer for a one-to-one healing session.  However, distance healing is also possible in this method of alternative treatment.

Pranic healing also advises healthy vegan habits and avoidance of red meat.

Some more tips:

All the above methods would give positive results for a patient suffering from gall bladder stones, if only he adopts a healthy life style and makes fitness, a regular routine in his life.  The following tips may also be inculcated in daily activities:

  1. Avoid white sugar, white salt, white flour. All these are stripped of    They may enhance the taste of a food item;  however, they are not stomach-friendly.
  2. Drink lots of water. Replace normal drinking water with hot to warm /  lukewarm water.
  3. Avoid spicy / fatty / refined / processed / ready-to-eat foods. Instead, have simple home-cooked meals, in a fresh and hot state.  Use spices like ginger, garlic, turmeric, cayenne, black pepper, fenugreek, cumin, carrom seeds, mustard etc., in your cooking.
  4. Do not smoke or drink. Kick the habits in a gradual but definite manner.
  5. Avoid all kinds of artificial foods and drinks. Instead, go for natural drinks like coconut water, sugar cane juice, lemon water etc.
  6. Take coffee occasionally as coffee is believed to inhibit the formation of gall bladder stones. However, do not go overboard.
  7. Consume green tea. Even ginger tea would do a world of good!